Expat beer

" expat Beer "

Saturday 14 july at 17:00 at kelly's pub

come  numerous !!!!!

Hi Diego, I think this week is gonna be great weather why dont we organise another expat drinks outside?? i'm quit free this week so what do you think?


yes we can tray last time we were 7/8 with some of them I remain in touch, we ca organize for saturday afternoon or evening

Yep, good idea. I'll join :)

I'm not available for this weekend, but maybe some other time next week

Hi all,

I just joined this group as I am really new here and don't have many friends. I would like to meet some expats. Lets meet this Saturday evening at 5-6 pm. I suggest a student bar Kassa 4 (fr.yelp.be/biz/kassa-4-antwerpen) as it has a lot of space outside but we can agree on some place else, which suits everyone.

Ok, I can be there at 6 pm

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