New student from University of Antwerp is looking for friends!

Hello everyone!

I will study Business Administration in the University of Antwerp from Septemper, 2010. Now I am looking for any appartment in the city centre and for the roommate too :)

Are there any students from University of Antwerp in this forum? It would be really nice to get to know you :) especially I hope to find my new colleagues from the faculty of Applied Economic Sciences :)

See you soon!

Best regards,

Welcome to, Neringa! :)
Maybe a check on the Antwerpse Classifieds -> accomodation section would help?

Thank you, FeeAcer :) Hope it will help!

My husband is a student there, but in language, not economics. If you need someone to show you around town, we'd be glad to help. =)

Hello, Melby! Nice to meet you :) Is your husband studying in the City Campus? Thanks for your offer, I will have it in my mind ;)


Yeah. He started there last year, transferred there when we moved out here together.

That's great :) I guess U both live somewhere in the centre of Antwerp. Maybe U know any cheap appartment or a girl living in the centre who wants to share a flat? :)

Er, we're married, so we live together. We live not far from the center, yeah. You could try checking on in the Antwerp group, both if anyone knows a good place to look, or if anyone is looking for roommates. There's a girl there whose roommate recently moved to another country so she's looking for someone:
Also check on
Someone has said: "There is also a special site for student housing called but you will need a password from the institution you will be studying at. University of Antwerp: reinhilde.vanmoer[at] (email)"
and also "check the website from Century 21, Era or Sinjoor."
and Co-housing / finding roommates: (Dutch, needs registering for making contact)

Hope that helps. =)

Melby, U must be an angel :rolleyes: Thank u very much - i will try all these links and hope to find anything suitable for me ;) By the way, I have already sent the request for "Studentkotweb" - waiting for their reply :) I will let u know when I find a place to live in Antwerp - we must meet in September! :)

Best wishes,

You're quite welcome, I hope you find somewhere that works for you! If you're good with a roommate I'd definitely try looking into that link, I've never met her but I know she's on there a lot and is friendly (on there as well as in person) with a number of people, plus you'd see the references on her profile from all the people she's met, pretty good way to find a roommate! haha.

Sure, just keep in touch and I'd be happy to meet up. =)

I have already wrote that girl, still waiting for her reply :) I have also read her profile - I think it would be really fun to live with her - she seems very outgoing person ;)

Yeah, I'm definately ok with a roommate - for financial and communicative aspects :D it would be cheaper and also I don't like idea of living alone :)

I am very grateful for your help :)

Have a nice evening!


Nice, I hope it works out! =) heh yeah, plenty of housing isn't very expensive here, but being able to halve the price is certainly always beneficial! =P And yeah I can imagine it would be good to have a roommate, being new to the area and everything, nice not to have to go back to an empty place always, a little security and such! =)

You're welcome, I'm happy to help. =)

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I just arrived in Antwerp a week ago. How's your experience so far?

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