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So I get to the airport and I'm told South African women need to apply for a visa beforehand if they are here on a family visa. But we can get a visa at the port of entry if we travel with our husbands (yes, I am offended, no, I didn't argue.)

Any idea on how I can get a UAE VISA to travel unaccompanied.

Hi Lindochka,

I have known quiet a number of female of different nationalities who have visited/are living in Duabi alone.
Is the problem related with the nationality or the family visa?


im afraid, this will turn into a rant if I let it.
I just need advice on the most painless way of getting a tourist visa for the UAE on a FAMILY VISA.

do you have a family visa ? or a Residence permit? If an RP then you need to apply online before flying. The rules were changed a few months ago.

you can apply it from here, pay it online, and in 48 hrs it will be emailed to you

Hello Lindochka,

These guys could do it for you


I'm just curious as I'm on a family visa. My husband is Irish so can I just get a visa at the airport if we travel together?

As you're a dependent,  and your sponsor is your husband,  well on that case you have to enter UAE with your sponsor (husband) to avail the benefits of Evisa for GCC Expats.

If you still need clarification, have a chat with (Amer Services)  just google it.

Now the solution if you are travelling alone without your sponsor,  then you can apply for a UAE visa from tour operators.  You'll find many travel agents who provide this service :)

Also if you're flying with Emirates,  they act as sponsors and help you in applying for a UAE visa ;)


i happened to speak to emirates office (Bahrain) and they asked me to visit for applying for visit visa. The wait period by applying online is now 5 working days minimum. 


Logicalindian yep that's true,  now the visas are online.

But the thing is those who weren't able to get on-arrival due to low professions or those without their (sponsors) can't get E-Visa.

yes i agree with you on that, but i think we could contact a tour operator in Dubai and they could arrange a tourist visa regardless of the profession?

Thanks gentlemen. That is what I am afraid of. There are so many theories and I've heard stories of people getting there and being turned away.
So I am using a tour operator in Dubai and getting one through it.

But the part that upsets me is that I have never been judged/ branded/ given rights because of my relationship to a man before.

I've stopped arguing because it's the law here but it is depressing

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