Health Insurance

Hi, I'm looking for an insurance company in Poland that offers Health Insurance, I have applied for a Temporary Residence Permit and the only thing holding me up now is the Health Insurance, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

We have a national insurance in Poland but if you are looking for a private as well, we are with LuxMed, which is very good.

Lee, my company has us signed up with Cigna Health. I have never used it so I can not say how good it is. I think it is best to make sure they have doctors and nurses that speak English. Heaven forbid if you are in serious trouble and can not speak with them. Martin

Thank you both, will get in touch with them. Martin, language is not a problem, my girlfriend is Polish. I appreciate the assistance!

LuxMed's doctors speak English. Info-line is also good. You can switch to English by pressing 1.

Not at all.
Enjoy your stay in Poland.