ZUS health insurance - opt out possible?

I have a small comapny registered in Poland. As a company owner, Im paying ZUS health insurance. However, as I also teach in Germany and pay taxes on my freelance work there, i want to get international insurance cover. Is it possible to opt out of ZUS and still have the company registered in Poland?

Would be grateful for any advice.

Have you ever heard about American Clinic in Wilanow? It is a medical center in Poland which focus on helping foreigns. They accept all types of insurance policies. Furthermore, all the staff is perfectly able to speak in English language. Thanks to them my staying in Poland was a happy memory. Even though I had an accident.

I think you have to be physically present in Poland for less than 183 days in the year to be excluded from taxes (not sure if that include ZUS).
Also if you own certain type of company (I think Limited Liability = Sp. z o.o.) you don't have to pay ZUS.
The best will be to ask certified accountant - I can suggest one in private message.

Yes you can opt out, write up a declaration informing them you will not be accessing any of the countries health care services, which you probably wont be doing anyway.
Temporary and permanent residency, register your home address as in Germany and any other addresses as part time.