American amputee with arthritis

I have an above the knee amputation on my left side.  I have two prosthetic limbs that are state of the art because I have great health insurance here in California.  These limbs cost a lot of money, and every few years I need a new socket, or repairs to the knee unit.  As a foreigner in Poland, what kind of health care can I expect?  I also need drugs for pain control.  i worry about these things.  Can anyone tell me about Polish health insurance?

I am retired, so I am not planning on working full time in Poland.  As I understand it, that means I will have to rely on a traveler's insurance policy.  I thought I would be able to get an insurance policy in Poland, but I guess I cannot even enter the country without it.  Since i will be leaving California, my current health insurance policy will be cancelled.  I have no idea how good this insurance is or how much it costs, and I would prefer to avoid filling out forms online and being contacted by insurance salesmen.  I'm hoping someone with traveler's insurance, or someone who is living on a retirement plan from their job in the US can give me some information.  It's all new to me.