Vaccines required in Poland

Hello everybody,

When living or moving abroad, and in particular in Poland, vaccination against certain diseases is often required to enter the country or to avoid risks.

We would like to ask you a few questions to help future expats there.

What is your relationship to vaccines in general?

Did you get vaccinated before moving to Poland?
Were these vaccinations compulsory or recommended?

Did you refuse to get any vaccine that was recommended for Poland? If so, why?

If you are an expatriate in Poland, are you encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Do you have access to the vaccine and do you plan to get it?

Is this vaccine required for entering the country now?

Many thanks,

Diksha, team

Hello Diksha,
In general, I am wary of and not a fan of vaccines.
I wasn't required to do anything medical, including a vaccine, to enter Poland to live and work here.
Talk of the COVID vaccine is generally worrisome; most Polish citizens don't believe they will have access to this for another year (and these are mostly people aged 35-50). I, being an expat, am probably not expected to be able to receive this any time soon, as the citizens are still unsure.
I know one person who is a dentist and is close to retirement; she received this vaccine.
From what I have heard, Poland was added to the countries who required a negative COVID test for entry on an airplane in the last month or so; requirement of the vaccine for entry is not established in any country as far as I am aware. Maybe New Zealand?
How can this vaccine be required for entry to a country if not every human in this world has access to it yet?
Hope that helps,

Hi there,

I am kind of an expat, already living here in Poland, working, etc

For me vaccine situation looks pretty similar like it is in Hungary.

I know most of the old people around me has got it.

I travel time to time to Hungary as job-related trip and I experienced still no boarder controls, etc

I have got lately quick tests what I am possible to do anytime naywhere alone, and confirm my negativity :)

In CZ, where I am now, we are really struggling to get enough vaccines.
Yet, I have been called 3 times from the UK to set up appointments. Well, I would if I was able to fly into Scotland without forking out 1,700 GBP for the pleasure of quarantine for 10 days prior to the appointment!
The distrust of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine plays a huge role here. Millions of delivered doses left in warehouses because of the blood clot scare.
Also, while the UK can claim to have got the jump on the EU in ordering vaccines, the number of vaccines they have secured is frankly ridiculous. For an adult population of approx. 50 million, they ringfenced nearly 300 million doses of AZ, Pfizer, and Moderna. This number has now increased. Shameful. And, the sheer arrogance of calling the EU a dictatorship when all they waned was AZ to fulfil some of their orders - when the UK could quite easily pass some over or loosen the strings on the pharma contract. But no, @We're alright Jack!" seems to be the message from BoJo.
Rant over :)

Getting  vaccination against covid requires to be affiliated to the national medical system, I was told. Still waiting...