Curious about health care

My husband and I live in Los Angeles with our three year old. We are in the process if figuring everything out to move to Warsaw. We will be there in april for 3 months to see how we like it and what area we would want to live in.
I'm curious about health care. We are both self employed and will not be looking for jobs. I have citizenship but my husband and child need to get it.
I'm curious how much health insurance would be for the three of us, or if we can just not have it and pay when we see the doctor out if pocket. Curious how it works because it's quite different than here in the USA. Is there a monthly fee we pay? How does it work. Thank you.

In Poland public health care is financed from National Found of Health - Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia. If you are insured in NFZ you can register your family in that insurance without paying fees for them. The minimum cost of that is  372,55 zł per month. LINK:

If you get to any hospital you will not have to pay. You can also go to your family doctor - it's called doktor pierwszego kontaktu (first contact doctor) and to any specialist for free. HOWEVER, in reality only if it's about something simple or you need a prescription, because to any specialist you have to wait so long that you go to a      private one. Ex. when our daughter had ear infection - very painful - we were told to come in 5 months... :/
If you have your first company in Poland, for the first 2 years you pay 440 zl. That is with the insurance.
You can pay every time you visit specialist. That costs in Warsaw 130-150 zł for visit.
Home visit of pediatrition is around 200 zł.
The best is when you are insured in NFZ, but to specialist you go on your own.
As far as I know, your child also has polish citizenship, because you were polish citizen, when Your child was born.
For your husband it's more complicated and it will take few years, for sure.
Firstaval he will need to get status of resident LINK … staly.html
Links are to pages in Polish.
I hope that can be useful, good luck!

Thank you! That's very helpful!