A couple of Housing Queries

Hello All!

I am moving to Kuwait next month and am doing my basic research so that I am not caught completely unawares when I land. My office is in Beirut Street – Hawally and I will be moving in with my wife.  Following are a couple of my queries for now –

1. I have been telling brokers my budget is 200KD maximum for a 1BHK / a decent studio apt. in and around Hawally. Some suggest this might be low. Is it ?

2. If I try and move a little away from Hawally and consider taking public transport everyday what are the areas I should consider. Obviously I don’t want to be travelling an hour a day.

Looking to hear from all of you !

Hie Ankit

you can find a decent 1 BHK apartment in the range of KD 180 to KD 250 in hawalli .. older and shabbier the building cheaper the rent could be .. but you need to pass through the haaris (watchman), they are the major obstacles .. somtimes .. there are lovely apartments available .. but haaris would shoo you off .. as he has his interest and commission to earn .. some are biased towards certain nationality...

you can find an apartment going from building to buildings enquiring with haares .. that way you can save on the brokerage or limit it by paying off some amount to harees .. if you go thru brokers .. you may end up paying the broker .. watchman and key money to previous residents of the flat and also possible forced to buy usless furniture they would be leaving behind .. plus pay for re-furnishing the apartment if it is really messed up.

or you can hunt for new brand apartments and deal directly with real estate company who are renting out .. there are many new building come up in hawalli .. opposite hassan abul complex, opposite promenade mall after ssadik round about end of tunis street. thre are couple of white and orange buildings come up.

Thank you so much for your reply! Definitely helps!

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