Animals rescue

Hello everybody,

I hope I am not disturbing you with this matter, of animal rescue. I live in Romania, a country that deals with a lot of problems, and animals on the street are one major problem. Many of them are very adoptable, young, kind animals, either born on the street or abandoned.
We are struggling to find homes for dogs and cats in Romania, but it is getting more and more difficult. Therefore we started finding homes for them abroad, in other countries of Europe.

If somebody wants to get involved with us, in finding homes in Austria for dogs and cats, please let me know. We take care in Romania of vaccination, neutering, passports and everything, we just need help in finding homes or foster homes, that will keep the animals until adoption.

Thank you!

My email address is rsimion[at]

Hi Raluca S! Could you please post your advert under Austria classifieds > community - pets, animals section.

Thank you. :)

Thanks, Christine, I will!

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