WANTED: German Tutor

Hi all, I want to find a patient tutor to teach me the German language.

Hello DarthMalkirn

In which area of Belgium are you seeking a German teacher?

Feel free to drop an advert here : Language classes in Belgium


You could also consider launching this request on the general forum and get worldwide coverage. I'm sure there are many Germans scattered around the world as bored as you are willing to Skype and teach you basic German conversation skills. Widen the net, so to speak.
I Skyped with an Australian lady (also new and bored in Belgium) for a while. It's the next best thing to meeting at a café. It's still face-to-face and you can even enjoy a coffee together.  ;)

Did you manage to find anyone Mark? I am also looking for a German tutor!

If you are still interested in finding a pacient German tutor, please contact me. I am an experienced German teacher, more or less new in Brussels, starting to give German classes privately in Brussels.

Hello everyone,

If you are proposing your services as German language tutor, please drop an advert in the Language classes in Belgium section.

The forum should not be used to promote your services.

Thank you in advance,

Hello, I did not know that. I just wanted to answer to the post. Thanks for letting me know.

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