Committee of organizing Engineering Professional Practice ( COEPP )

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I have atlast landed in bahrain after so many constrains on 22nd of Dec 2014 , My employeer first gave me a non-engineer visa . But few days back they want to change my visa to Engineer visa , They took my experience and educational documents and told they have to submit this to COEPP ! and also asked me to bring my originals .

But when I check about  Committee of organizing Engineering Professional Practice - COEPP I didn't find much information ...

My HR told they are getting some membership for me then only I can apply for a Engineer visa ... I don't understand this COEPP is for a firm not for a individual isn't it ?

I am in a confusing state whether they are keeping my original for what and what is this COEPP ?

Please guide me soon !

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An old thread that appears to have never been answered. COEPP is Bahrain's state level licensing system for Engineers, similar to the licensing system used in the US, Canada, Spain and many other countries. The original question is correct in that the license is issued to the company and not the Engineer. However, the license is only issued against a physical office within Bahrain, which must be run by a Bahraini Engineer, licensed by the Kingdom.

One have to get CRPEP LICENSE first to get visa. Company HR will guide through the process. It takes min. 3 weeks after application to get one.

CRPEP license takes maximum of 21 working days as per website...For me it took 13 working days..(did it on Sep 2017) You have to provide your engineering certificates along with the experience letters,PP

Hi Guys,

How can i check the status of my COEPP application status ? since my employer is asking me to provide all the original certificates ( educational , experience & mark-sheets of 10 th & then all engineering mark-sheets ) , is it really required to submit all the orginal certificates ?

Hi Mahesh,

As of i know,its not possible to check the CRPEP application status by individual..Only your employer can update the status.. Scanned copies of your certificates,experience letters are enough for registration..once your application got approved, CRPEP will send you the below email which demands for original documents ...  But my application got approved recently without any original submissions..

''Mr xxxxxxx is qualified and eligible for licensing as a xxxxx Engineer (BE), Cat. B. Documentation required to finalise his license: original copy of qualification, original copy of work references, original passport with copy of resident visa, original CPR card which must reflect his correct profession and be in your office’s name.''

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Thanks very much for the info you shared, my HR told me that my application for EPP got approved and all the original certificates as u mentioned are required. I will be submitting my documents to my HR.

Thanks again.

Hi.i m civil engineer and i had got registration in coepp in 2016 for catogary c.
I went back to pakistan and now come again in bahrain.i want to register again in coepp/crpep as a catogary B engineer.plz tell me what are the requirements.
I have 9 years and 6 months experience in pakistan and 1 year in bahrain.

I believe you will need to get a job first and then your employer can submit the needed documents to register you in coepp.


Hello guys,

I am a mechanical engineer & I have  1 and half year work experience in India and 9 months experience in oman. Now i have got an offer from a company Bahrain. But company in Bahrain is telling that it cannot apply for Engineering visa as i require minimum 5 year experience to get it, instead they will apply for Supervisor visa, but the facilities and post in company will be of Sales Engineer.

Can anyone please advise me if the rule really exists ?? do we really need to have 5 yr exp to get engineering visa ?

Yes it does, have a look (Article 8)



  I seen your conversation on some topic regarding CoEPP License. I am diploma engineering holder i have possible to get License at any grade?

Yes i read the article 8 but my doubt in this Do we need to have 5yrs experience outside bahrain. Because i have 4.5 yrs experience in india and 1.5yrs in bahrain.

Do i really qualified to apply Coepp?

Yes i read the article 8 but my doubt in this Do we need to have 5yrs experience outside bahrain. Because i have 4.5 yrs experience in india and 1.5yrs in bahrain.

Do i really qualified to apply Coepp?

If would suggest you contact them to get more info. on this


I am an architect. Recently i got a job offer from category B engineering office. They had applied for license in CRPEP and i got approved to work as category C architect. Now the employer says, there a payment process to issue the license. Please let me know how much is the fee for this license issuance and whether i need to pay this fees? How long it will take to issue the license? When the work visa application can be submited (only after getting the license or can the emlpoyer start the visa processing once they get approval from CRPEP)?

Your employer could answer all the questions for you or contact directly.

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