Specialist Doctor salary at MOH (KSA), Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Yes. You can apply to interview. Or contact directly to the HR or department head where you want to work and enquire about vacancy. You can bypass the interview.

Can someone help me on how to apply for iqama for my son

If you are employee of ministry of health, first you should have your own iqama ready. You can add your son as your dependant. You may need medical of your son as a prerequisite. Log in to ministry of interior web page Absher. Creat your account there. Go to add dependant page. Fill up the form. Pay saddad for dependant iqama. After online application go to nearest iqama office with documents and son. Get the iqama from there.

Thank you..
I got iqama for my son..
Went to passport office , got form filled by agents sitting outside.. submitted it along with passport copy and copy of y iqama..
Medical was not needed since he is only 5 yrs

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