Specialist Doctor salary at MOH (KSA), Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Yes. You can apply to interview. Or contact directly to the HR or department head where you want to work and enquire about vacancy. You can bypass the interview.

Can someone help me on how to apply for iqama for my son

If you are employee of ministry of health, first you should have your own iqama ready. You can add your son as your dependant. You may need medical of your son as a prerequisite. Log in to ministry of interior web page Absher. Creat your account there. Go to add dependant page. Fill up the form. Pay saddad for dependant iqama. After online application go to nearest iqama office with documents and son. Get the iqama from there.

Thank you..
I got iqama for my son..
Went to passport office , got form filled by agents sitting outside.. submitted it along with passport copy and copy of y iqama..
Medical was not needed since he is only 5 yrs

When can I take our annual leave? Is it after finishing 12months..
Can I take it in parts?
I joined in April 2019

You can take at any time your annual leave. You can take it in part. But you will get leave only for the number of days mentioned in Mawared.

Emergency leave(max 7 days) anytime.
Vacation only after 5 months you can take 30 days half vacation and rest 15 days at the end of 11 months

hi every one. I am a plastic and reconstructive surgeon working Mumbai with one year post Mch experience. can anybody tell me how much salary I shall expect ?

How to apply for bls course?

Hello everyone. I wanted to know about Dubai, as in Saudi an OPTHALMOLOGIST is given a specialist job is it the same in Dubai? Also with 6yr experience they pay around 18-22sar what is expected in Dubai can anyone please guide me.

I m dr raj
MD Anesthetist
New delhi
Recently gave interview in mumbai for riyadh ksa for specialist anesthetist. But when i got my posting they told me i have given al jouf province. They have not told me about the hospital till now.
Kindly enlighten me regarding whether to join it or not.
Why they didnt gave me posting in riyadh as interview was for riyadh region.
Or shid i go for one more upcoming interview in aug last week. Kindly reply.

Raj, most probably interviewing team must have been from Al Jouf and you might have got misleaded. You can request your agency to change your location if they can. You always have a chance to reappear interview, but same confusion can take place again with you. Take an informed decision.

Dr vivek
I need to explain it in detail
I gave interview in last week of apr for riyadh position.
I got offer letter mentioning position in riyadh.
After that i started my degree attestation and culture work. But 2 days before i got to know about my position. Now when i received the document or letter via mail from agency same offer letter is marked with pencil altering position from riyadh to al jauf and also giving position number.
I felt a bit confused as my offer letter is mentioning position in riyadh, those delegates were also from riyadh as i got all information on the day of interview as well.
I also have asked agency to forward a mail for my request to moh for posting in riyadh.
Any of the information will be helpful in this regard.
Thnk you dr vivek for your reply.

I am an anaesthetist trained andworking in western country. Just got an offer from kfmc (Riyadh). There are no mention of department allowance.
Just basic salary, housing allowance and transport allowance.
Housing allowance was equivalent only to 1.5 x basic salary.
I'm a little confused.
What is the salary structure?
1. Are there suppose to be dept allowance? Is it 45 %or 50%?
2. Is housing allowance 3x (basic salary)?+ department allowance
3. If under family package  how many dependants do they pay for and how much for flights and education?

Thank you very much in advance for your advice

Department allowance varies with department. 25-45%
Housing varies with hospital. Some hospital don't pay hra to lady doctor s
They will pay flight tickets for max 4 persons.

I had appeared for MOH interview in Mumbai on April 20th and was selected. I completed my attestations by June end and am currently waiting for my contract/ position since then. It has already been two months with no update on my contract/ position. How long does it usually take?

Can anybody explain in short how it looks MOH-KSA Interview for Doctors?

They usually asks simple questions from the subject of specialisation

Hello..iam a Pediatrician about to attend MOH interview in India.. for Alhasa eastern province. I got 3years of experience post MD. Would like to work in Nicu,any special allowances for  intesivist..Wats expected salary package?to wat extent can bargain?and any idea about life style in Al hasa?any body could help me out with dis queries. Thank you.

Without passing any Saudi MOH exam, will they give the salary as told here in my interview in India as I am going to join as specialist in Saudi Alqassim area without place name shown in my job offer letter

Will I get the salary in Saudi from the first month end of joining as told in India or will they ask to clear the MOH exam first after joining the job area in Saudi

Hello can you please tell whether should I proceed for the specialist job after given job letter without the hospital or place name

Recently, I ( MD anestheisa with 4 yr exp) attended MOH interview for Al hasa project with my wife ( MD radio with 2 yr)......they are offering us quite less salary total 30,000SAR only (16800 SAR  including HRA n ll and 13200 SAR to her).... ..n only 25% allowance for Radiology  I thought it is 45% n
no mention of Job location also...
is it all over the same salary in saudi? Or This one is a strange offer....

bcz I heard that they will pay each specialist around 20,000SAR+HRA in Saudi Arabia... Kindly guide

Rajrinku, if you are so sure that the team was from Riyadh, you can reconfirm it from your agency. If they insists for Al Jouf and you don't want to go there, you have right to deny the offer and you can reappear the interview.

MOH KSA has almost fixed payment scale.
They have a basic salary (A)(This amount changes from year to year. I don't know what is basic salary going on today. But it is significantly reduced due to global economical crisis and drop in oil prices.)
They add SR 500 per year of work experience to basic (B)(First two years of work experience may not be counted, here you can bargain to consider that experience.)
A + B is your total basic salary (C)
25 to 45% of C is your speciality allowance (D)(You can bargain to get maximum speciality allowance.)
2 x C or 3 x C is your annual housing allowance, you can divide it by 12 for monthly calculation (E)
Transport allowance is usually fixed (F)

C + D + E + F = Your monthly salary.

All the bargaining and allowances practically depend on MOH need and candidate's response. You can take as much time to accept the offer during interview but it is usually not changed afterwards.

If you are a couple, only one of you will get housing allowance, if working at the same place.

MOH pays salary from 2nd month, irrespective of examination. But if you have made your mind to come to KSA, apply for your classification to SCFHS via their Mumaris Plus system right from India. Don't wait till you land in Kingdom.

Hi everyone, i am appearing for the MOH interview for Al Hasa project tomorrow, I wanted to get an idea of how much salary do they provide to a specialist dentist at the moment. i have an experience of 3 years post my masters in Endodontics (Root canal specialist), and i would be expecting a  net salary of 35,000 SAR to 45,000 SAR. Is it possible ? And whats the contract period for the hospitals in KSA. Thanks in advance .

Hello everyone,
I appeared in MOH interview for Al Ahsa project on 26 August for the vacancy of specialist dentist..I was selected and was made to sign the offer letter there itself ..I was also told to get in touch with my agency for future updates..
Last week my agency made advised me to make affidavits and advised me to do HRD attestation..
Two days back my agency returned my affidavits and told the position for dentist is on hold ..the agency can now only process the documents for dentist position once the receive updates from the Saudi health authorities in Delhi ..the Saudi health commission will notify them when to start the processing of documents  for dentist ..
Kindly advise how to proceed and in your experience moving forward how much time I should wait..
Is it okay to wait and better to move forward and look for any other opportunity..
It was really upsetting since I believed that once I got the offer letter it was only a matter of time ..
Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Keep trying for every other opportunity. Don't rely only on one option. Just making affidavit or signing contract don't mean you are now bound to go. You can deny to go at any time till your flight takes off, only thing you have to pay expenses occurred.

Could some one throw some light on ..
What is departmental or HOD allowance?
Is it offered in the interview or after u join , and decided by your HOD?
What is the SLE exam and do we need to clear even after passing the interview and job offer on hand? My agency says once you clear the interview, there i s no exam.


A portal to register to Saudi Health Commission.

Is it necessary to register there?
Isn't it done by our agency who arranges interview? Ot it is something else?
I still not clear about the portal ..
Pl explain

This is the online portal to get medical council registration. It is not done by agency. I recommend you to start the process right before you leave India.

Hi sir
Wats d present salary for dermatologist with 2yr of experience?

Hi everyone ,

Please advise...

Does a job offer at KAMC (associate consultant anesthesia) usually include departmental specialty allowance? Saw a job offer for basic salary+transport + accomodation only. There are no mention of department specialty allowance.

Thank you very much for your reply

It's too good bro. Go ahead.

@samirG I have moved to riyyadh and now searching for a job .I have done FCPS in paediatrics and classified as senior registerar paeds on sle .but I have no experience after post graduation.how much salary should I expect ?

@Kannadiga can i get your fon number please