Specialist Doctor salary at MOH (KSA), Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Hello Dear Doctors.
Could anyone kindly highlight the Job opportunity for M.D.S in Saudi. I have an experience of 7 years after graduation and One year after Post Graduation. Completed in Prosthodontics & Implantology.
I went through SCFHS and found details but getting confused as to My qualification would be rated under which category and what would be Pay Scale. Exam Fees n all ?

My visa for KSA is ready. But when I saw my salary card, it doesn't mention anything about experience allowance. As I understand MOH provides 505 SR per year as experience allowance. I have three years post MD experience. So approximately 1500 SR should get added to my basic salary, which is not mentioned on my salary card.

As per my agency, Good Fellow Foreign Services New Delhi; KSMC is having a different salary structure and KSMC doesn't consider experience allowance. This is hard to believe for me.

Agency people also told me that once I land to KSA, HR department of my hospital will recalculate my salary as per my years of experience. This looks just a bluff to me. I need a help on salary structure of KSMC if possible.

If it's moh you would have signed the corrected salary in your affidavit and there is no confusion
But is ksmc different from moh please clarify

I'm not sure about MDS
But you may be posted in remote locations where work is negligible

If you are selected for KSMC just close your eyes and join . You are joining a wonderful work place . The university is really awesome . Dont worry of the salary . People working in moh Re getting much less .. but in KSMC you will have a very nice time ..

hi how to arrange for maid in riyadh...?

what about family accomodation in kSMC

No such thing maybe you have to bring maid from your country.Some Pakistani Male servants will do some menial work if necessary

They have staff quarters or you can arrange housing outside.They will pay you HRA,not a big deal,need not worry

Maybe big cities will have that option but if you're posted in some remote places it's impossible

Oho, for time being I thought this is an inactive group; but it's functional. My visa is ready and I'm all prepared to come to KSA. I just want to know, if anybody can enumerate, what all documents I should get from my agency other than visa and air tickets. I did not receive any single correspondence from them.

Bring your original including Mark sheet and offer file from agency
Have reasonable amount of money in Bank if salary gets delayed

How much money is reasonable money?

Maybe 3-5 lakhs

2000 sar will suffice

What is mean by offer file?

The agency will give you a file to be submitted here.contact him he will clarify

If anybody has been moved to kingdom in recent few years, can you please let me know how much amount the placement agencies in India, typically take from candidates?

Varies between 35k to 1 lak... based on your negotiation skill

Hi . I wanted to know how to go about writing moh exam ? How often is it conducted? Where to write it ? Im currently working in Karnataka, I plan to go to Saudi next month for a visit . Is it possible to write from there
Thank you

Hi everyone, inshaAllah I am hoping to work in Saudi specifically Medina if possible. I've just received my FANZCA (Australia/NZ) fellowship last month and started working as a consultant anaesthetist in NZ recently. I'm a little confused regarding what level I am supposed to apply for in KSA. From my reading, the system there seems slightly different.

1. Am I considered a Specialist, Associate Consultant or Consultant ?
2. What pay scale and benefits should I be getting?

I am planning to bring my family (with kids).

Thank you very much in advance. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone. Finally I'm in Riyadh and started having challenges here. I have rented a flat. When I got my first electricity bill here I came to know that there was a total 15 months of bill pending on my flat. And my landlord has refused to pay that bill. Any guidance how can I approach this tough situation now?

Muhammad, You are eligible for becoming consultant in Saudi Arabia post fellowship if your basic qualification is MD. But initially they will pick you up as Associate. Consultancy would require some experience.

Ruba, you can write MOH examination after your selection and after coming to Saudi.

To write saudi moh exam you need an eligibility number from your employer and a dataflow uptodate.

Apply in your schfs website or your employer can do it for you. You can take the test from authorised pearson vue center in your country.

You just have to work in Saudi apply and write your exam. If you want to write in your home country you have to find out some authorised center. Better you take up a job in Saudi then write the examination within the time frame.

If your experience is less than Five years you are considered a specialist

Placement agency never take from candidate

I am soon going to appear SLE in Pediatrics. Can anybody guide me how to prepare for it?

Just go ahead
But IF you want to prepare a Prometric package is available online but expensive
It's not a tough exam and easy to clear
Are you taking it in India or Saudi Arabia



Hello, I am Dr Paras, ophthalmologist with 5years and 10months of experience. I am appearing for post of specialists for riyaad moh interviews after 4 days. I want to know the salary to be expected and are there negotiations been done?. Also for accommodation with family do they arrange and give? And my child would be starting her nursery so please let me know how is the schooling system there.

Average salary for you would be 20000 SAR. For accommodation they pay 5000 extra for private apartment

Schooling over there? And I should ask accommodation from them?

Primary schools are there. Accommodation is your choice. You can choose outside apartment and claim HRA

Paras you calculate your own salary
Basic 9260 (A)
Experience allowance 500 × number of years (B)
Grand basic (C = A + B)
Speciality allowance 25 to 45% of C (D)
Travelling allowance 400 to 600 (E)
Housing allowance C × 3 ÷ 12 (F)
Total Salary C + D + E + F

Now calculate your minimum and maximum salary.
Only place of bargaining is you can ask maximum speciality allowance of 45% if they give lesser than that and if they agree your bargaining.

Anyone knows whether it is possible to change the city after you come to Saudi.
I am working now in taif.

Practically it means finding a new job and undergoing whole process again except SCFHS registration. In this way city and hospitals can be changed.

Starting from attending the interview?