Hungarian language schools in Budapest?

Hi everyone,

I am Carmen, form Spain. I came here about 5 months ago and my objective this year is to learn Hungarian as much as possible and I might apply for the official exam.
I am currently working so I can only attend to the lessons during the evening or weekends.
I have already applied to a course at the Balassi Institut. However, if there is not enough people to start the evening course, it will be cancelled...
So, if the course I am interested in is cancelled, can you please recomend me another language school where I can apply for the official exam afterwards? :) Thanks a lot!

Hello, Carmen,

My name is Gemma. I am an English-German- Russian teacher. I also teach the Hungarian language for foreiners.

Hi Carmen!can you pls send me your email address in a PM?I'm afraid I can't answer your message..:( Thanks.  Livia

Dear Carmen,

If you're still looking for some opportunities for practicing the hungarian languages, I willingly help you!
I was living in abroad for a longer period, too, so I can understand your situation :)
I miss the international company, here are too many hungarians ahhahha :)

I am Hungarian, living in Budapest, so if you'd like we could meet for a cup of coffee!


I'm also looking to take Hungarian evening classes. Any tips for a fun school or teachers would be appreciated. Peace

Hi Carmen

My partner and I both took a lot of lessons at the Ulysses language school, which teaches only Hungarian.  They're on Bertalan Lajos utca, just behind Gellért tér on the Buda side.  Don't have the website address right here, but Google brings them up.

Highly recommended: the teachers (we've had a few, due to substitutions) are all enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun. They do a variety of teaching formats, from larger (e.g. 6-8 people) classes to smaller groups (I was in a group of 3) and 1-1.  My teacher mentioned she could enter me for the B1 level official exam.

I've only stopped lessons there because of time pressure from having to look for a different job, and I hope to go back for more lessons once things settle down, and apply for the exam.

good luck with this great language!


Thanks! I will have a look :D

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