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Need some help...my sister and her 2 children are planning to relocate to Budapest this summer...wondering if anyone can recommend English Elementary and Middle Schools..places that won't break the bank....any and all help would be very much appreciated!!!

Cannot help you so much other than relate some experiences.

Mrs Fluffy and I looked at this one called SEK: SEK International School but it's expensive.  All of them seem expensive.

If your sister is coming here on a package from her employer, they should pay the school fees or at least give an allowance.

In the end we sent our kids to the Hungarian school (our kids are bilingual anyway so we have choice).  There's a state bilingual school not far away from SEK but it's so oversubscribed, the chances of getting in there if living further away out of area are almost zero unless you live right next door to it.

I find it very difficult that the kids are not attending an English speaking school as  I am unable to help them with their homework.  Suprisingly frustrating. As my kids remind me all the time I should learn Hungarian.

I don't at the moment know anyone in Hungary with English speaking only children in the house.Had an American friend  in Hungary 6 years back who was able to send her 8 year old boy to the American School in Budapest for a couple of years.
Her FIL was very well off and paid for the school.
Long story, other family members started given her grief about him paying for it.
Cost allot, think she said for elementary it was $15,000 USD a year and High School was over $20,000.
She had to pull him out because of the cost, put him in Hebrew school which took some time to organize.
The poor kid was so confused and mixed up.He could barely speak any Hungarian and no Hebrew.
They finally just gave up and moved back to Canada where her husband was from.
We knew other Hungarians who had children born in the US.
Two different couples with 2 different tales.
One was an older couple with money who moved to a small village with their American born 12 year old girl. The other kids made her life horrible, made fun of her heavy accent and mis pronounced Hungarian words in school. Later  they teased her because her family had a nice house and car.
She hated school so much that the older couple finally gave it up and moved back to the US.
Another couple were from Budapest and were Gypsy people.
They had 3 teenagers when they moved to Hungary.
The kids had visited Hu to see their family but moving there and going to school in the city was not what they hoped for.
My husband briefly worked with the father in Las Vegas, they had a pretty good life in the US and no one bothered them for being Gypsies in the US.
In Hungary the 3 boys were teased for their bad accents, they were teased because their clothing was nice and the parents didn't like the racist attitude they got in shops and on the streets.
They moved back to the US, we ran into them once in a store and they told us how glad they were to return to the US.
It was hard though, they had sold everything before moving to HU.
If the English speaking schools were cheap then the locals would also send their kids to the school. Everyone now in Hungary wants their kids to speak and learn English.
I am afraid it will be pricey to send kids to a English speaking school  anywhere inside of Hungary now.
Maybe homeschooling is in order.

BTW, there is a Jewish school in Budapest on road to Budakeszi. I believe it's state funded and their teaching results are supposedly good. I do not know how religiously organised it is. 

There's a Catholic school in Budakeszi will priests and nuns creeping about there.  Plenty of those schools around but HU language methinks.

There are also Austrian and French schools.

Mrs Fluffy's cousins kids went to the Austrian school and their educational level is excellent. They perfect in Hungarian and German and rather good in English.   I think the Austrians subsidise that school. 

Don't know about the French one but it's a large modern place out towards Solymar.


Can you please share some further details of that Austrian school.



qsm wrote:


Can you please share some further details of that Austrian school.



Here's the "big school" which is directly organised by the Austrian Government (as far as I know). Note, nothing on English (as they want to promote German). I know absolutely nothing about it other than it exists.

Austrian School in Budapest

There's another one Austrian-Hungarian Europa School.  Google for it.  It's a private place but seems to be mixed up with a religious order and the Austrian government.

For an English school, to the end Grade 4/Year 5 try Budapest British International Academy


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