TEFL teaching opps in Budapest

Hi I'm a Canadian with an EU passport currently teaching ESL in Costa Rica and I'm just wondering about English teaching opportunities in Budapest starting next Sep&Oct. Does anybody have contacts,info or recommendations regarding this? Thanks


I've met a couple of native English teachers who all worked for the "Katedra" language school, and they did not complain. Most of them didn't even have teaching education or experience, and it did not matter, because chatting along with your group is the best excercise. Hungarian teachers over-emphasize grammar anyway.

I would expect any advertisements and job listings for such positions to be in English, so google around :-)
If you find something and post it here, I can tell you if it looks scammy or never heard of.

Personally, I wouldn't just rely on adverts. I recently made several copies of my cv and personally visited several language schools. None of them were advertising for staff. Within 2 days I had more offers of work than I can cope with which has allowed me to pick and choose where I want to work rather than having to work only where there is an available position. Granted Eger is a different kettle of fish to B/P as there are fewer native speakers here.

Is there an English magazine in Hungary for expats, listing such things as English Job Agency, apartment rentals, small business adverts, and so on? I'm thinking to join you all,that is, to move to Budapest. Currently i live in France. Here, we have FUSAC, it's an English magazine just as i mentioned earlier. Do you have this in Budapest? It would be a more direct hit at finding the companies available.

Oh, when I say English, I mean directed for English Speakers, such as Australians (me), Americans, Canadians, and English English.

Well, there's the Budapest Sun, which might have a paper version as well:

Once here, the local Economist clone called "HVG" (stands for world economy weekly) has the best pool of ads IMHO, many of them in English. You can probably flip through it in a library once a week, because the articles are in Hungarian...

And then of course there's this great website with its classified section :-)

Thank you, and what is your opinion on finding accommodation. I'm spending hours upon hours cybering all sorts of various ads for accommodation. It's starting to become a blur, and in the end i have no idea what i'm looking for. If I just fly there, with a suitcase, and find something when I'm there, is that too crazy?

Thank you for your response about the teaching.

The proverbial travel gear is "toothbrush and Visa Card", but that's got to be one well-stuffed account :-)

If you have the money, book a hotel and start looking from there. This can get boring and expensive fast though.

If you are up to the adventure, try couch surfing.
Your hosts might be your best (and most motivated :-) ) resource in finding more permanent dwelling.

Once here, you have access to the paper-and-thumbtack IRL bulletin boards in university halls with adverts looking for roommates.

I live close enough to Budapest to be your worst case backup in case something goes wrong, albeit you shouldn't trust anyone from the internet :-)
If you do nevertheless, IM me before you set off.

My advice: You are young, free and flexible: hook up with potential hosts on couchsurfing.com, fly in, and enjoy the summer.
(A movie set in Monte Carlo is shot under my office window right now, they are setting up palm trees :-) )

Hey thanx, and cool about Palm Trees, but they can't shoot in Monte Carlo? it's not like flying to australia to do the shoot. Thank you by the way for the advice. Well, this little princess is going to have to get her head around the Couch Surfing idea, because the pockets are getting smaller. Thanx!

Hi Szocske,

I've spent the last hour trying to figure out the CouchSurfing website.... I don't get it.

First it asks me to make a donation, this would be I have to put in my credit card details and of course, donate.

Then, I'm looking for across the tool bar for something like, "find couch' but instead it gives me Recent searches, and other references that imply I've searched already.

Then there is a form I have to fill out, "identity checked location verified", is this for me, or for the person I wish to stay with?

Can you advise how this couch surfing thing is done? I maybbe doing this all wrong.  I just need to find somewhere to stay while i find work and permanent accommodation.

Thanx. Gabs.

First of all, everyone is helpful there, just join some forums (communities) and ask.
I'm on the Hungary and Budapest comunities.

Verification (by donation) is totally optional, I never did it.
Just sign up and sign in.
Then in the toolbar under Surf/Host there's CouchSearch: couchsurfing.org/mapsurf.html

Should be straightforward from then on.

And again, join the communities, and ask.

But don't forget us here either! :-)

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Yes, I would be interested to see it.

I noticed in the thread you said you can see if something might be a fake??
I've got an interview with Angol Intezet. Do you know of them? I am trying to find reviews about them from other teachers online but can't find anything and the 'about' section of their website is in Hungarian. I had a bad experience of teaching in Bali and I want to do my research this time.
Here's a link to them from TEFL jobs world http://www.tefljobsworld.com/jobs/company/2557/



Please note that this thread is over 4 years old so I doubt whether you will get a reply.

There are other schools and opportunities available in Budapest besides Angol Intezet. I don't personally know them but that doesn't mean they are fake or legit. PM if you need help.

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