Piano and Music lessons in Budapest

We are two Spanish pianists living in Budapest. We earnt our Superior Piano Teacher degree at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Madrid and we have also studied at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. We offer piano and music lessons for all the levels.

Ten years of teaching experience.

Languages availables: English, Spanish, Italian.

Contact: ****

Noelia Contrisciani and Juan Valero.


Do you still teach in BP? My boyfriend is from there and I wanted to give him a surprise by getting him piano lessons. He started last year but LOVES it. He will be spending two weeks there and I was thinking of getting him two lessons.


Hi VioletaVicario,

This thread has been inactive since long, i suggest that you drop an advert in the Music classes in Budapest section of the website so that you might find someone.

All the best,

Hello, We are here in Bupadest for a month. We have 2 children. 1 8 year old and 1 4 year old. We are on Vorosmarty street in the Old Jewish quarter. Where are you located(we do not have a piano at home) and what is your price? My 8 year old has been playing for almost 4 years. the 4 year has yet to start.
Thanks, Dacia

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