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Hi all!

I would like to take Hungarian classes and I need to create a group of 3 or 4 people to fit the " private group courses" offered by a school. Somebody would be intersted to join? Normaly we are already 2, so one or two people more would be perfect! The classes would be on the Monday evening from 6.30pm to 8.10pm  (If the time does not fit your plan we can discuss about it). It would be for 6 months, and 1500 forint per class. If you have any question, just ask!


Hi Perrine,
My name is Mark, I'm from the UK and have recently moved to Budapest from France. 
Maybe it's a bit late (just seen your post) but I'm looking for Hungarian lessons for beginners, I'm flexible on times although I do have to travel periodically to the UK and France so will have to just catch-up if I ever miss any classes.  Are you still looking for extra people?


Hello Mark,
Yes I still looking for extra people! I am so glad that you contact me, because there is not so many people who want to learn hungarian with a begginer level, and the price are much more interesting  if we are 2 or 3. With you we might be 3 people (but not sure). Here is the link of the school - I was thinking that we could take 48 classes (if we are 3 people), with 2 classes a week. Both classes could be on Monday from 6.30 to 8.10 (with a break). What do you think?

I hope that you liked France :) 

Have a nice day,


Hi Perrine,

I also invite you to post your language classes offer in the Language classes in Budapest section as well please. :)

Thank you,

Priscilla team

Ho everyone,
I'm Francesco from Italy. If you are still looking for people for the beginner course (and by beginner I mean zero knowledge of hungarian), I might be interested in joining you! However, since I will be leaving in July, something closer to a 4 months course might be better for me.
Tell me if you are still looking for people!


Hello Francesco

We are starting the classes Monday, from 6.30 to 8pm. If you want to join you are more than welcome. We are 2 for the moment, maybe 3, and we can be 4! We took 48 classes (to have the best price), so as we take two in one day, it would last 6 months... I know you would like four, but it was a package. The price would be 1500 per class. Here is the website of the school

What do you think :)

Hi Perrinne,
I might still be interested even if i cannot follow the whole course, since the price is good anyway. I will go tomorrow morning to ILC and I'll see what to do.

See you,


My wife would also like to join this group ( she is beginner). Please call me or give your contact no.



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