Singing teacher in Budapest?


Anyone know of an English-speaking singing teacher in Budapest? Want to take some regular individual (or small group) classes and learn the basics.

I found one lady who looked fantastic (she's a coach/tutor on The Voice Hungary!!) but unfortunately I can't really afford her.

If anyone can recommend a teacher that would be fantastic!

Thanks :)

Hi there,

Just an update for people either more serious about singing and/or richer than I! :)

I found another great looking singing teacher advertising in the classifieds here cakked Laszlo Agoston. But he's also about the same price as Molnar Marta, whose link I posted above. Both charge around 7,000ft per 60 minute class. They're both professionals and no doubt completely worth it for people serious about their singing, but alas they're outside my budget. … m-pro.html

Does anybody else have recommendations for teachers in Budapest? Will be grateful for any leads.

I was reading about singing teacher.
Im searching for teacher too.
Can you tell me more about this teacher that you found and how much she take if we will do the group?
Thank you.

I know this is an old post, but if anyone is looking for a singing teacher in Budapest, Hungary, I know a really good and professional one, contact me!:)

I am a singing teacher and former opera singer who will be arriving on May 1, 2014 into Hungary to live permanently. I am a United States citizen (new york  city born) who has resided in Costa Rica the past 6 years where I have taught and presented students in concert (I also play the piano well enough to accompany them in public concerts).  One of my students in Costa Rica has been invited to sing the patriotic hymn of Costa Rica at the presidential inauguration in May 2014.  I am in the process of preparing a web site and/or Facebook page to advertise which will include excerpts of my students both in the United States and Costa Rica on it so interested persons can hear the results of my work and get a sense of the direction I would take their voices.

how much would you ask for teaching? I really like to get better with my voice, when I sing.

please let me know how I can contact you.

Hola, te escribo en español porque vi que viviste en Costa Rica y al parecer ahora vives en Budapest, yo soy de México y mi esposa es de Budapest estaré una larga temporada por aquí y si aun estas por aquí me gustaría saber sobre tus clases de ópera me gusta mucho y quisiera aprender algo de canto, desafortunadamente no se nada estoy en cero.
Este es mi correo [email protected]
Podrías contactarme please

@ Jpbp78 > Can you please post in english on this english speaking forum?


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Priscila,
Sorry I didn't want to replay to everyone I though was only for the teacher Nikolai. You know how to contact her.

@ Jpbp78 > You can contact her in private ;)

I need for my 5 Years son a canto teacher. I am living in the 12 distric. Could you pls help?

]For the man from Mexico who asked me  about singing lessons and others on this blog site. I had to delay my arrival into Budapest for one year, but am here now and w ill be available to teach beginning September 1. I am in Budapest now until June 13 applying for a residency visa before spending the rest of the summer attending vocal competitions, opera and concerts in the rest of Europe.  If you want to contact me my email address is [email protected]  Señor de Mexico. I tried to email you but it was sent back to me. I hope everyone is well and have found and will find a teacher that pleases you.

I am a successful teacher of singers performing in the United States, Costa Rica and Lebanon. I studied singing starting in New York City when I was 16, attended the Boston Conservatory of Music, the Harrtt College of Music, Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany, University of Maryland and the American University, as well as operatic acting techniques. I taught during the 7 years I lived in Germany as well as the 7 years I lived in Costa Rica as an ex pat, and in the United States taught singing at the University level. I have performed concerts in Europe and sung with the Washington National Opera and other companies in the United States.

Hi, if you're still teaching in Budapest can I get your contact details please?

Edit: argh, I clicked on reply to a post so assumed it would reply to that individual's post - but it's just replied to the whole thread! 😕

for the person from England who requested contact information regarding teaching of singing in Budapest, you can write me at [email protected]  Yes, I am teaching singing in Budapest. We can discuss it on the email. Thank you for your interest.

My daughter will be in Budapest this summer 2016 for June and July. She would live to find a vocal teacher for opera. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Franz Liszt academy but not sure of their summer offerings.

Dear Christine,

I am a singer and voice teacher located in Budapest. Please find more info about me at the link below: LászlóPálfibaritone/posts/MwgXdqjiP2Q

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello all :cheers:

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Whether you are looking for or proposing music tutoring services, please drop an advert in the :

Music classes in Budapest


Hi, my name is Amanda and I moved to Budapest from Canada. I am a beginner guitar player and would love to start singing as well. Are you still accepting students?

I'm interested too in a vocal coach/singing teacher. I'm a student so unfortunately my budget is limited, but I'm extremely serious about bettering my voice abilities. Good too if the teacher speaks Hungarian so I can maybe get Hungarian language practice too.

Dear László,
I came upon this post. If you're still accepting students I'd like to know your rates. I'm more or less B1 in Hungarian and German so we can try speaking in either those languages, and of course English, if you'd like.

Hi, I know it is a really old post but I am looking for voice training. Do you recommend me anyone or any place? My budget is not high because I am doing internship in Budapest. Any comment is appreciated!

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