Possible ways to extend my Job seeker Visa through student or work


I'm a experienced software engineer seeking job in Germany with Job seeker visa(Validity six months). I just want to be proactive here now in case if I don't get Job with in six months. Therefore I would like to know the possible ways where I could extend my visa either by studies or work or through Language Visa or self employment. I've decided to settle in Germany.

Visa extension gives me more chance to find an employment in Germany.

Please advise

Hi Senthil_Germany,

I invite you to please post your resume in the Construction and Civil engineering jobs in Germany section as it might be helpful :)
Wishing you the best of luck with everything

Thank you


Hi Senthil,

Can you please mail ur contact number to me...Need some info from you.


Hi Senthil,

i´ve met someone at school yesterday, whose situation is similar to yours. One week before her visa ends, she found an "Ausbildungsstelle" (according to google translate : training agency :D ) . She signed a 3 years contract with the company. Then she went to Foreign office with these documents in her Hands and got a student visa :) .

Hi Senthil,

Can you please post the ways to extend the job seeker visa? I am already here in germany for more than 2 months and searching for job. Your answer would give a sigh of relief for me.


This thread was started over 2 years ago and it seems the author hasn't been active at this site since. Not likely he will be giving out much advice...

As far as I know, the job seeker visa cannot be extended. But please confirm this with the relevant authorities!

Thanks you. I will find it out with authorities.

Have you had a chance to check if being freelance is an option to extend ? Establish own company and be self employed ?

Freelancing is allowed, but i need to have a  freelance job offer to convert job seeker visa to EU blue card. In that case, no need to extend.

My visa will expire in 3 more months, chances of getting a job not so bright, so was looking for options to extend the visa.

I'm an Indian, staying in berlin on 18 Months job seeker visa, which will be expiring  by 24 March,2017.
Now I got Internship job offer for 6-months in berlin.
Do u know, possibility to extend my job seekers visa with supporting docs (contract for internship).
or suggest any agency to help me in extension of  my job seekers visa.

The JSV is specifically for job search, so it is certainly possible to convert it to work permit once you find a job. Didn't the issuing authority (embassy?) tell you about this, or it is inc;luded in the paperwork you got? Since this is a major topic for JSV holders - why didn't you think about it earlier?
In any case, you should contact the embassy or foreigner authority (Auslaenderbehoerde) to ask how to do it.

You've decided to settle in Germany? No, you've decided you WANT to live in Germany. Doing it is another matter. Your question is a bit strange in terms of working because if you've come on a job seekers visa and find no job then it didn't work out. Yes, foreigners can study in Germany but one has to meet the requirements and need to be able to finance their stay. Part time work to help one be able to study is possible but limited.

One cannot just settle in Germany on a student visa – and cannot work full time. That's not how it works here – or anywhere in the world I know of. Sounds like you are basically wanting to know a way around all of the rules. I don't think anyone here can help you with that. There are no “secret tricks” to getting to immigrate – or else everyone would do it. You need to concentrate on your job search, which includes showing you have wanted skills and are able to adjust and work within the rules in Germany. A big plus if you don't already speak German is to learn it the best you can. Not sure what else you expect to hear.

Actually I got full time job offer Internship for 6 months. After 6 months they may offer full time job.

To do the internship (or any other work), you need to convert the JSV to a work permit. Ask at the Ausländeramt how to do this.
If the employment is extended after the initial six months, you can apply for an extension of the work permit.

Thanks a lot for info & advice. I'm an Indian 25, finance professional in Hamburg now. Done my master degree in finance fm germany.

Hi mumtazwa,
I'm looking for finance opportunities in Frankfurt. I have done my Masters in Finance from NYU and have 2.5 years of work experience in the United States. How is the job market for finance professionals currently?

Job opportinities for Finance mainly quarts are good. But in  most of the job fluent Germany language is needed.

Quantitative analyst jobs.


I'm a experienced it technikier seeking job in Germany with Job seeker visa(Validity six months). I just want to be proactive here now in case if I don't get Job with in six months. Therefore I would like to know the possible ways where I could extend my visa either by studies or work or through Language Visa or self employment. I've decided to settle in Germany.

Visa extension gives me more chance to find an employment in Germany.

Please advise

Dharmmann: You've come to the right threat for your question! Read the above and you'll know what you should do!

Hi Senthil,

Do you convert your Job Seeker Visa, if yes can you suggest me how you will approach because I am staying in Berlin from 1 Month I want some suggestions from you is it possible to extend my Visa to Work permit.  Contact me through

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Prasad4berlin: It is the purpose of a Job Seeker Visa (JSV) to be converted to a work permit when you found a job. Didn't they tell you that when you got the JSV, or why do you ask?
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In case if i did't found my job with in the proper time, any alter native to extend my visa.

The JSV is not extendable.
If you want to stay longer, you need another valid visa.

Government officials are not stupid. They make rules for a reason. Thus one needs to follow the regulations concerning each type of visa. If one doesn't find a job within the time limits for the JSV then they should better return home and think about why they failed. Do they need more education or experience to make them an attractive employee? No employer is impressed by one's desire or need to find a job; they want to know what you have to offer them! Thus one might take some strategies to improve one's chances before applying for another JSV. And the obvious thing one could do, if they haven't done already, is to learn German. Even for jobs where it might not be necessary, it will always be a plus.

This is of course not easy when one doesn't live in a German speaking country. And one might even say it is a wasted effort if one doesn't succeed in eventually getting a job there. Another factor is that many people coming to seek employment in Germany don't speak German or English properly. Some would say that improving one's English is a waste of time if intending to migrate to Germany. I see it differently. The foreigners most likely to find a good job and get a visa in Germany without speaking German are going to be in specialized fields of high technology and sciences. In these fields, one would usually be expected to speak English at a very high level especially if they are not German speakers. Yet many foreigners arrive who's English is far from fluent. They could be the most brilliant scientist in the world but if they cannot communicate well then what is it good for?

sure, but it is not always that simple. I myself am going through a weird situation and would like to extend my job seeker visa, not because I am not a valuable employee, but because things simply don't seem to be matching. in april this year, I had a fantastic time interviewing for german companies -- even got a job offer! -- and returned home to apply for a job visa, as I was in berlin on a tourist visa visiting a friend. I signed the contract and the company waited for me for two months. eventually, we were misguided by the relocation agency I had hired and the contract fell through at the ZAV for the most stupid reasons -- which were to have been foreseen by the relocation agency, but anyways... point is: now I am back with a visa, using the same bewerbung material, and simply zero interviews. most reply saying I am an excellent candidate, but someone else ticked all the boxes. it doesn't help that I am a brand/print designer in a startup city that almost only has digital designer positions, but still... sometimes, it's just a little out of our control and we simply wish to get an extension so not to give up on our dream. however, I seem to have read in this thread that you can apply for a second JSV -- is that true?

There seems to be no formal reason against getting a second JSV, but I suspect the authorities will look at it suspiciously: If you didn't succeed the first time, what makes you confiodent you will succeed on the second attempt?
But probably nothing will stop you from applying for another JSV once your current one is expired and you returned to your country.

Nobody said the process is simple Camilamenez. We only tried to say how it works. Just because things didn't work out how you intended doesn't mean the system is going to change. One has to do their best within the scope of the rules.  If you feel you have the skills to get a job then you can of course apply for a new JSV but there is no processing of simply extending one.

sure, sure. I actually never thought it was possible to apply for a second one. in my head, it doesn't make sense that it would be allowed. but there are a lot of things in getting a JSV that only become clear once you're already here and it is so hard to get everything on track in just 6 months. I mean, talk about finding a room in Berlin, geez. it's almost like I wish the process for getting a JSV would be harder, as in way to unsure that once you'd be here, it would be more of a safe job hunt. anyways -- it's not like we're not adults making our own choices. happy to be here, regardless.

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Shivani: These relocation agencies are not worth the money they charge. If you do to not have the time, organisation skills and dedication to arrange things yourself, you should not consider an international move!

beppi wrote:

Shivani: These relocation agencies are not worth the money they charge. If you do to not have the time, organisation skills and dedication to arrange things yourself, you should not consider an international move!

Nice answer but she's working for the company so it was just an advert.

Hi Senthil,

You stay on jsv for 6 months and not able to find job,why you want to stay more

i think even you get extansion you cannot stay in germany for free ,considering living expenses each month without any income ,i dont know why u want to keep spending
unless you are rich


Can you please let me know more details about this,like how she managed to get the ausbuilding contract for three years and all.

Hi Senthil,

Have you find a way to extend the Job seekers visa.if there is any useful information to do that,kindly share it



                  I am Venkat and just got Germany Job Seeker Visa which is valid for 6 months. Currently, I am living in India and moving to Germany in next 3 weeks. As everyone knows Germany Job Seeker visa is valid only for 6 months but to just to proactive, if I dont get job in 6 months, is there any possibility to extend visa? I heard that, if we enroll for any language course just before expiring visa, we can get extension for another 1 year or so. Is that true? What all other ways to extend job seeker visa if we dont get job in 6 months?

Appreciate your help.


Venkat: This topic has been discussed before, so please read existing forum posts - the search function is on top right of the page.
In short: A JSV cannot be extended. You'd need a separate (new) visa to continue your stay. A student visa, which can be applied for with a full-time German class, is one option.

The thing is that one needs money to finance their time on a job seeker visa. Because of this, one should prepare before going. Research the possible employers for one's skills and line up interviews. Realistically, anything more than 3 months is probably a waste of time because there simply won't be so many likely jobs for a skilled, experienced worker.  If one has contacted the good employers then what is left other than not so fitting jobs one might consider in desperation. And if the potential employers run out with one not having an offer, then something is obviously wrong; one doesn't have what is wanted and further interviews are not likely to bring anything. Many seem to underestimate the difficulty of getting a job if they don<'t speak any German, even if it is not absolutely required. Even worse is that some speak no German and their English is actually pretty bad. So what language should they use to properly communicate on a professional level? Sorry but an Indian with a strong accent and using lots of Indian slang rather than clear international business English will not impress anyone.

I disagree with Tom's statement that more than three months of job search is a waste of time!
German companies are very thorough (and therefore slow) in their hiring process. From application to start of work can easily take more than six months, especially if a visa application is involved.
You can read my experience (as a German in an field with a shortage of manpower) in the thread "Finding a job in Germany" - from first application to start of work it took me five months, which is considered very fast.
If you are foreign, it may take longer. If you don't speak German, much longer.
(Of course many other factors play a role, too: How in-demand your special skills are, how convincingly you present yourself, and, last not least, your luck!)