Fingerprinting for Dependent Exit Re-entry Visa

Dear All,

There have been news reports that fingerprinting of dependents is required before 25 May 2014 for issuance of exit re-entry visa. Can someone please post more details on this, what are the timings of the passport office, are there any other passport offices where this could be done apart from the main office on King Fahd Road, how early you have to reach there and how much time the process takes.



If i'm not mistaken, no need to go to the passport office for finger print registration. There are plenty of self serving finger print machines across Riyadh.You can check the location which suits you from below link: … offices_en

Also you can confirm whether finger print is done or not for you via below link: … 4TzUyMDAw/

Saudi government has recently made it compulsory for everyone above the age of 18 (males and females) to provide fingerprints to Jawazat. (Moderated: no free ad on the forum pls)

i found this link about dependents women who are not working and exempts from fingerprinting.

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