I'm Grace, pleased to meet you all.

Hi everyone!
My name is Grace and I am 24 years old.
I am from the Philippines and I work as an English Instructor for Koreans. I love to travel and meet new friends. I wish to learn more about other countries culture by experience.
Nice to meet you all. :)

Hello and welcome to Expat.com, Grace! :)

Welcome on board Grace !

Thank you guys for the warm welcome. :)
I'm planning to move to Germany so I want to learn things about their culture from this site.
I hope to meet new friends too. :)

Oh well then I will move your message to the forum for Germany. Hope this will help! :)

Hi Grace, I'm Antonio and I'm currently living in Berlin.
Did you finally moved to Germany? How is it going?
Nice to have news from you.


Hi grace and to all,

When will you be moving to germany?i believe your from makati,I am from paranaque. I'll be going to frankfurt also, Are there any tips you might share for easy adjustment in germany.
Are there anyone who could give advise the way and cost of living in frankfurt?

Hi Grace
I have been living 30 mins from Frankfurt for several years and have been through the process of integrating into the German way of living and working. If you have any questions regarding relocation or living in the Frankfurt area, I would be happy to help.
Best regards