Oman Employment Visa Labour Clearance Delays


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HaroldBayotas :

Hi sir maki, as of my agency they're just waiting for our employer's update. *Tagalog mode* - pero nag update po sa isa ko pong kasama ang employer namin na nag expire na po ang medical namin. Same clinic po ba kami magpapa medical? Thanks po sir.

Hi HaroldBayotas,

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My apology sir, I'm sorry. Well sir, is it true that oman has changed their hiring rules? Our employer from oman told us that there are some changes that's why our work visa is not yet released from the ministry. It's been 5 months since our documents were dropped in the ministry. Thank you.

Hi HaroldBayotas,

Delays in getting the employment visas issued is an age-old problem in Oman. It has been there for years and it continues to remain so.

Suggest you do a simple site search on the said topic to know all about the visa delays.

Thank you for clearing things up to me Mr. Sumitran. Yes, I have read some topics too about visa delays. Thank you so much and God bless!

Does it matter whats the size of the company?

Because my company told me its going to take 2-3 weeks but its a global firm

Hi PegahO,

Yes, the size and 'grade' of the company certainly matters.

As is the case often, the bigger, the better.


i am in massive confusion. I got a job offer from oman in may 2017. and they started processing my visa, its been more then a month, but no response from them, and while asking them about the status they says, it is under process. meanwhile, my ex-employer offered me a job in UAE, Since i didn't heard anything from Oman, i planned to move back to UAE and attend formal interview and go ahead with my ex-employer. Now, as soon as i reached UAE, very second day i received an email from Oman saying that they received a visa clearance, and now i have to send them my pre-medical report along with 6 photos.

Now I have two question, which job should i opt for, salary is almost same from both employer. secondly, once i complete my pre-medical, and send it to them, how long will it take for them to process my visa for Oman, is that going to take another month? if that is the case then without a doubt i prefer to choose UAE job.!! Also, since i got visa clearance, will i be needing to send my educational qualification to employer?

Will really appreciate if someone can respond to my dilemma..really stressing me out...

Hi alexthomas009,

A known devil, they say, is better than an unknown angel.

You have prior working experience with your former employer in the UAE. You say the salary is the same pretty much. So if you are the adventurous kind, who would like to take risks and chances (sometimes the risks pay off. Sometimes they do not), take up the Oman offer.

But be aware that if the job is not to your liking, then you cannot jump jobs within the Sultanate. And if you do not have your employers NOC, you cannot come back for a minimum period of 2 years from the date of your departure. This is outright against the interests of the employee and is all in favour of the employer.

In the UAE such restrictions are not there, which makes it better for the employee.

Commonsense favours going with the old employer - known working conditions, known place, known standards of living. Whereas taking up the job in Oman could be hit or miss.

If the employer has all the required papers for hiring an expatriate employee, then to get the employment visa issued would be a simple matter of a few days only.

im recently working in uae .can I entry in oman with employ visa ?,without resignation on my recent company?

bloombyn :

im recently working in uae .can I entry in oman with employ visa ?,without resignation on my recent company?

Cannot understand what you're trying to ask. Can you perhaps ask in a simple way !

Dear Sumitran Sir

I got selected as an instructor in a vocational training college in Oman in July 2017, but so far, I didn't receive any offer letter. I was told by the officials of Recruitment agency that they have not yet received any information from the ministry, once it is received, immediately I will be intimated.
How long should I wait to get my offer letter? Once I get offer letter, how long should I wait to get my visa?

Hi Radesh,

The most important thing I would like to tell you is this :

Until and unless you get your employment visa in your hand, DO NOT RESIGN from your present job.

The delay which you are facing is not uncommon. Many overseas candidates like you have a job ready and waiting for them. But the employer does not have the required Ministry of Manpower's clearance for that position. Hence cannot get the needed employment visa to appoint that candidate.

That is why, in many instances, the employer gets the candidate over on whatever labour clearance that they might have - usually at the cost of the employee, who may not be aware of these underhand dealings.

How long the job clearance would take depends on many parameters - for the employer. The same have all been discussed at length in the forum. So you have to take the efforts to read the numerous discussions on how and why the delays occur and what are the likely timelines by which an expatriate employee can expect to get the job clearance and then the employment visa.

If the Ministry grants the employer the required job clearance, then it is only a matter of days for the employment visa to get issued.

This is Faizal from India and I am get the offer from the reputed company in Oman on July 3rd on this year and Send back my Documents and GAMCA medical report to them for my visa process. But Still I don't get My visa to board! Yesterday I also I spoke to HR. They told me that visa is on process, Its getting delay due to new amendment of labor law by ministry and inspection also finished last week only like that.

Getting of Oman visa is that much difficult and its take more than 3 months like that?

Dear Sumitran Sir

I wish to express my profound gratitude for your prompt reply. Thank You Sir, Thank You Very Much.

I hope that by now you have received your clearance. May I ask you regarding the medical fitness test formalities, how and where?

I would not send my originals

Dear liyoni,

There they will only take a blood sample and if the test is through… next step will continue.

What is the meaning of this??  Do u mean again they will do medical tests der?? E1 if the medical report from Gamca is still in valid period.??
Pls let me know

Hi again Sumitran, I found the answer to my questions - and more!

Good tips and info aside (there's no doubt about this), many of your responses are quite entertaining  :)

Hi all i got offered in oman university and HR mentioned that my documents must be cleared by MOHE first then only can proceed further. I want to know the time to get accepted by MOHE?

Hi all i got offered in oman university and HR mentioned that my documents must be cleared by MOHE first then only can proceed further. I want to know the time to get accepted by MOHE?

Hi. I just got my labour clearance confirmation from Employer. Now they are processing with visa formalities. Any idea how much time this generally takes?
Employer: Khimji Ramdas LLC
Labour clearance time taken: 10 days

Thanks in advance

Be patient ......if it is going beyond your medical expiry date then Visa must be hold

Max how long days does it take to get permanent visa in Muscat? I know this depends upon the sponsor or the company. But how long days max it will take? Will it take more than 6 months or more than a year?

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