Bringing my cat to Belize

Hiya everyone,

I want to look at moving to Belize but wanted to ask others opinions on bringing my cat.  I recently moved him from South Africa to Canada but wanted to see how easy it would be to move him to Belize

Thanks so much!

No problem at all just have your vets health certificate when you arrive, some people have told me they also needed a FDA certificate, They didn't ask me for that when I arrived with my dog but it might still be a good idea.

I'd also say....Lets live together..but damn my dog hates cats lol

Hi Darlene
We brought our cats to Belize from Edmonton back in August this past year. Go on-line to BAHA (Belize Animal Health Authority) and print off the form they have there for moving cats and dogs to Belize. It will tell you the health requirements you need. Then, no more than 6 months before you are ready to leave, get the vaccines. Send a copy of the vaccine certificate and a completed copy of the application to bring the cat to Belize to the BAHA to get it stamped for approval. Do this part well in advance of coming, and you may have to follow up several times to get it done. They say it doesn't take long, but it does. We didn't have that much time, so my husband finally came to Belize and took it personally down to BAHA get the approval. Even that took a week, and he only got it in the end by sitting in their office until it was ready. Then, when you have the approval and not more than 10 days before you are ready to leave, get the vet to do a complete check-up on the cat and complete the international travel forms (the vet should have the forms). If the cat is over 5 years old, you need to get the vet to put on the form that the animal's heart and lungs are in good health and it is healthy enough to fly (there are no places on the form to put that information, so the vet has to enter the information in the comments area). That is required by the airlines, which I did not know until later, and I had to make another trip back to the vet for that.  Then, put all your paperwork together (rabies vaccine certificate, health certificate, and approval to enter Belize) and take it down to your local CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) (CFIA is the Canadian version of FDA) and get them to certify everything. I believe that was about $30. Once that is all done, call Pet Travel to get a waybill number if you are shipping the cat via cargo (get their Canadian number from your local United Airways Cargo office, as the people at the number listed on-line don't seem to have any idea where Alberta, Canada is, and they definitely don't know where Edmonton, Alberta Canada is!). If you are bringing your cat with you as a carry-on, check with the airline to see if you need to pay anything extra. Then you are all set to go. Attach the original copies of all your documents to the carrier, and bring a copy of all the documents with you. You will need these documents on arrival in Belize.
I hope this information saves you some time and eases the frustration. I learned the hard way and had to take two steps forward, one step back all the way through, because no one would volunteer complete information. Every time I went to the next step, I would be missing some information required for that step and have to go back where I was before to get the missing part just because the previous person didn't volunteer that I needed more info than I had asked for. 

(Just for the record, I had to send my cats and dog back to Canada later because they couldn't adjust to the heat here, but they were all over 12 years old. Your cat has already been to Africa, so could probably tolerate the heat.)


Thanks so much, that was the perfect response I was looking for.  I had to do the similar when flying Bailey from South Africa and yes, he will love the heat.

As for now, he's stuck in -25 and hasn't been outside since he arrived a month ago.

But I am looking forward to coming to Belize in November to check everything out and see where I would potentially want to live.  Then start the process for 2015.

Thanks again for all the information, I really appreciate it



My cat is almost the size of a small dog and could possible hold his own.  I should be coming out in November to check things out.  I want to see how much real estate development is happening and if there is any work in this area.

Maybe see you in November


Hi Darlene. I've taken my dog to Belize the last two years, and I am planning to do it again next month. I found the process of applying for a permit to be much easier than in prior years. The application for a "Permit to Import Live Animals" can be found at the BAHA website, and can be completed and submitted all online. The time required for approval this year was about two weeks. It is a 90 day permit, so don't apply for it too far in advance of your arrival. The cost to bring a pet to Belize is now $35 USD--they will expect you to pay that in cash at the BAHA office at the airport just after you pick up your bags and clear Customs. You will also need a "healthy pet" statement from your vet, completed not more than 30 days prior to your arrival in Belize City. You may also be asked to show a up-to-date rabies shot record for your cat. That's it. Travel safely.

If you plan multiple entries into Belize for your pets, you can get a pet passport from BAHA. It is valid for a year, and the cost is BZD 100.00.

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