Bringing pets into Belize.

We'd like to bring a pet with us this February.  I have the BAHA form. My question is the sections that say IMPORTER and EXPORTER...that would be me correct?  Or do I need to hire someone?  I've taken dogs to France and England all on my own with only the proper paperwork.  Is this the only form that needs to be filled out?  Thanks for any advice.

It needs to be filled out and sent in advance of your arrival by at least 3 days or there will be a 100.00 charge, and yes you are the importer.

I filled out my US info as the exporter, my Belize info as the importer.
You also must have a vet signed international pet health certificate (or equivalent) and current rabies vaccination certificate.
Make sure that you have, at the very least, one extra copy of every form that you bring.
I brought my cat in October and the process at the border was very simple.

Waljoa, thank you for the information.  Have a good evening.

Any body have any info on bring a parrot? The best beach area with some half descent roads etc?

For parrots you need to check with BAHA and CITES. You'll also need a Belize Forestry permit.
Placencia and Hopkins have great beaches and decent roads.

Boxergal. If you are bringing a pet/kennel that fits under the seat, it is far less of a process than bringing a pet as cargo. You will still need the BAHA permit as well as a health letter, dated no sooner than 14 days before arrival in Belize, and proof of current rabies and basic vaccines. But you will not need a broker nor be concerned about the type/size of plane, connection times and possibly overnights.

Hi my name is Jude and we want to bring our dog to Belize. Do we get the BAHA permit at customs at the border? We are driving from Colorado within the next few weeks.

You want to get the permit in advance. I had a good experience getting the BAHA live animal import form and processing it by email with:
Ms. Melody Robateau
Administrative Assistant/Permit Officer
Animal Health Department
Belize Agricultural Health Authority
Central Farm, Cayo District, BELIZE, C. America
Tel: (501) 824 4899/72/73
Fax: (501) 824 4889/3773

BAHA form is available online. Better to have it submitted before you leave. They will forward your permit to the appropriate border crossing. Make sure BAHA sends you a copy as well. You will need a health letter from your vet and proof of rabies and other basic vaccinations. Health letter (for BAHA) can not be older than 14 days. In case your health letter expires, you would need to see a vet in either Mexico or Guatemala. It's also advisable to let BAHA know a couple of days ahead as to your estimated arrival time, and which border crossing. A vet/BAHA official may or may not be there when you cross without notice.

Sorry for duplicating. Cooking while posting :-) And elgordo is right, Ms. Melody is great to deal with.

Thank you for the info. We will be traveling to Belize in about two weeks. That should give me time to get it going. Thanks again.

Make sure you have extra copies of EVERYTHING!
Be safe and have fun!

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