Formalities to bring your pet in Belize

Hi all,

What are the formalities and paperwork required to bring your pet in Belize?

How long do formalities & paperwork usually take in Belize?

What are the relevant authorities to contact?

Which vaccines are compulsory? Do your pets have to go in quarantine at their arrival in Belize?

Which advice would you give to the ones who would like to move with a dog, a cat or any other pet?

Thanks in advance for participating :)

I do not know that yet about Belize, but I traveled with my cats to Europe (needed  pet passport  for each with special ISO regulated chip! and to a few european countries even more that that) and to Puerto Rico (needed only a vet statement what all airlines require). Having taken them to Belize yet, as I have only made short trips there so far, but am considering taking them for 6 months, so I'll find out from Belize consulate and let everybody know.

You will need to contact BAHA and fill out their form in order for your pet to be allowed into Belize.  Their email address is: [email protected], and their website is:

If coming from the US, you will also need to have your vet certify on this international vet form your pet's good health: … IS7001.pdf

Note that the USDA vet endorsement on the left side of that form is not required for entry into Belize.

As for vaccinations, a rabies shot & certificate within in the past year is required.  Other shots are recommended but not required, such as leptospirosis.  When you contact BAHA they will send you a clarification of the exact requirements.

There is no quarantine period so long as you have all the correct paperwork.  The current fee BAHA fee to bring your pet into Belize is $75 BZD. 

We just brought our dog in in August and had no problems by following these steps.  Hope this helps!


Thanks Emily,

I was just going to get on with researching it, as I should be in Belize in three weeks. We have all the vaccinations ready, thanks heavens. So BAHA forms (for 2 pets I believe two forms are needed) and a last vet checkup and we are ready to go.

It will be interesting though, having to find cat food and  litter in PG - afraid we might have to use wet sand as a substitute, since it is PG.

Glad to help.  I only brought one pet, but I do think one form is required per pet.  Go ahead and do that asap, as they take seven days to reply, and the approval is good for 90 days.  When I sent my form, I asked them to send me the approval by return fax, but they forgot, so that resulted in about one additional week. I was very glad I had the faxed approval as when I got to the airport, there was no evidence that the BAHA rep had my approval form.  If I had not had it, I bet I would have been delayed or charged extra.  They ask that you inform them two days before your arrival, your flight number, airline, time, and pet info so they can expect you, but at least at the international airport, I couldn't tell that they were expecting me even though I'd done everything right!

Good luck!

O, dear! Thanks for the warning.