Pets in Belize

Hello everyone,

Many of us in Belize have four-legged friends. What about you? Do you have one or more pets? Share your experience with us!

What are the formalities to import pets in Belize? What about pet adoption procedures in the country? Did you bring your pet from your home country to your host country? If so, did everything turn out fine?

What do Belizians think about pets? Are they comfortable with dogs, cats or unusual pets?

Share your advice!


It is easy to bring pets just follow the BAHA rules for import, Basically apply in advance and have your pet have the shots required.
Adopting is a similar process to any country, rescue from centers or purchase from someone, just do your due dilligence.

We brought 2 dogs with us and worked out fine, lost 1 from age and have puchased 3 others for our farm.
There are lots of dogs here and most Belizeans do not look at pets the same as we do, most are not well taken care of. Most Belizeans are afraid of dogs.

To bring in a dog you will probably have to drive as I hear it is difficult to fly them now.

It is quite simple and bringing, adopting or buying is not difficult.

The process to bring your pets is quite easy if you know the regulations and follow the rule of import.

There are two sets of rules that you will have to follow if flying. First those of the Belize Agriculture and Health Authority (BAHA) and those of your airline. Both sets of rules will have to be made to work together. For example BAHA required the medical certificate be issued not more than 30 days prior to arrival, but the airline (United in our case) required the same certificate be issued not more than 10 days prior to boarding. Flying was an easy process for us but that was two years ago and things change so it is best to check with your airline. One caution is that if you are flying from a country other than the US and have a stop over in the US, there are requirements for that as well. We met the requirement so I cannot answer to that.

Here is a link to my article on our experience bringing in our pet. There are links there to both BAHA and United.

Here is a link to BAHA with requirements and contact info.
BAHA … quirements

It is important to due your due diligence, as waljoa has mentioned, Animals are not usually considered to be pets or family members in Belize. So although the process is easy, it will be up to you to make sure that all paperwork is correct and complete for a smooth entry for your pet into Belize.

I hope this helps

We brought two pets to Belize, both dogs. Just get the information from the GOB and follow directions. The most trouble we had was finding an airlines that would ship the dogs there and not with the the Belize government's process. We were moving in the summer and it was a huge problem to find a carrier. The problem was not having an air conditioned place for the dogs during the transfer from one plane to the one going directly to Belize. We would up flying on one carrier out of Miami and had to ship the dogs on another carrier through Houston. The tricky part was we arrived about 30 minutes after the dogs and we were really worried if there was any delay with our flight. All that worry for nothing and the two flights actually arrived within minutes of each other and the pooches were happily waiting for us.

Regulations are easy enough to find and adhere to for entry. However, depending on where you are going in Belize you may want to take some extra precautions. There are many strays which have diseases/parasites and are unchecked; some highly contagious. Also check with different methods of "shipping" depending on when you will be moving them. Its been said many times here.... DUE DILIGENCE!! Good luck.

Who did you use to fly your dongs from houston to belize?

Humane societies here can find you great pets. Hopkins (Hopkins Belize Humane Society) has a very active society with free neuter and spay clinics and vets visiting from overseas.        Just think about who will look after your animals when you go away for a trip.

Akman75 :

Who did you use to fly your dongs from houston to belize?

I know the question was not directed at me. But, we use United via Houston.

I have not imported/exported any pets, however previous threads in this forum have pointed out there are differences in the Airline's requirements and the Government's requirements. If memory serves , It had to do with the difference in number of days since the Vet signed off on the paper work and the pet was shipped. One could be ok with one entity, and not the other.

Thank you brigitte.  I will call them

Welcome to the Belize Forum Akman75.

We used United to fly our pet. The flight originated in Toronto with a stop over in Houston on route to Belize. Here is a link to my article on "Bringing Your Pet To Belize". . You will find links to united and Belize Agricultural and Health Authority (BAHA) the governing body for bringing pets into Belize.

Here is a link to BAHA

I hope it helps.

We'll be flying Ceiba down again in a couple of weeks. I'll update if there are any "unforeseens".

Yes thank you for the information

What is the rules or paperwork for bringing pets thru mexico

Carolyn Davis :

What is the rules or paperwork for bringing pets thru mexico

Health Certificate from vet, dated no earlier than 10 days of entry into Mexico.
Certificate must be printed on vet's letterhead, signed and with vet's licence number.
No abbreviation of dates.
Rabies/distemper certificate with date of when shot is given, how long it's valid, product and lot number.
This one is new since we drove last October: Confirmation of endo/ectoparasites treatment.
Confirmation that pet is healthy enough to travel.
A Certificate of animal importation will be issued to you at the border. It's free.
Check with Senasica/SAGARPA (Mexico's equivalent to Belize BAHA) for any changes.

I've read the BAHA requirements but has anyone used a service to get their pets transported to Belize? My dog is about 65lbs and most airlines either don't take pets in cargo or they won't if the temperature at the airport is 85 degrees or more. Living in Dallas it could exceed 85 just about anytime. It was over 90 the other day and it's November so I don't want to risk our pup not making the trip with us.

Does anyone know if you can bring dog food into Belize when we fly in? I want to bring a small bag in my luggage in addition to the bit that will be taped to my dog's kennel. This is mainly to ease the transition once we start buying her food in Belize. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Oh I've also read that the Mennonites make dog food. Does anyone know if their food is available in the North?

Most US brands of dry dog food are available, Some quite costly, but a smaller selection of us well known canned foods. My sons main concern is buying from a store that has a good turnover as he found on store sold him stale pedigree dry food. The locally made dog food seems fine but my son likes to vary different brands so only uses the local brands about 20% of the time.

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