Where's the Beef?

Updated 2010-11-25 10:41

Before visiting Belize to determine if it was a country we could permanently relocate to, we did an awful lot of online research. One thing we kept coming across over and over was the fact that the beef in Belize was, well, awful!

This is due to the fact that cows in Belize are not raised like they are in, say, the United States. Belizean cows are grass fed only! They are not given feed or hay, and certainly not growth hormones of any kind. Therefore, they are quite skinny. When I saw my first Belizean cow, it looked downright anorexic!

So when we visited Belize for the first time, we werent shocked that beef wasnt on the menu at any of the restaurants we frequented. Most restaurants serve a lot of fish, chicken, and the tastiest pork Ive ever had.

But after a while, you start to miss a good old-fashioned hamburger, so on our way back home, we went to Belize City. Right after you cross the bridge, across the street from the water taxi, at the foot of the bridge, is a little hole in the wall restaurant. Since it was the only restaurant we could find with seating, and it was pouring rain, we decided to venture in to see what might be on the menu. To our surprise, hamburgers were on the menu.

So we decided to give it a go and see if they really were as awful as wed heard. Well, yes and no. After ten days of no beef, it did taste good to be eating some. But, alas, the burger patty itself was paper thin, and the beef just didnt taste the same as we were used to. There was more bread than anything else. But we were glad we were adventurous enough to at least try them!

So when we chose Belize as our new home, we went in knowing that we were more than likely going to have to give up beef. We ended up moving to the island of Ambergris Caye. One day we were walking down the street in town, and we saw a friend in a local restaurant called Crave, and he was eating the largest, most tasty burger Id seen in quite a while, with a giant side of fries and a Belekin beer. I couldnt believe it they have burgers on the island? no one had told me.

So the next day we went and had lunch there, and I have to say, it was one of the best burgers Ive ever had. I dont know where they get their beef. Im guessing they must import it from the States or somewhere else, although the price was quite reasonable (around $12 US), considering it is a rarity on the island.

Ive since had another delicious 3/4lb burger at the Banana Beach hotels restaurant, El Divino, for $10 US, which includes a pint of beer, and it too was scrumptious.

So, the moral of the story is if you live on the mainland, you probably wont have access to very good beef. However, Ambergris Caye is only a one hour and fifteen minute boat ride from Belize City, so if you have an overwhelming craving, you can always come here and satisfy it!

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