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Multicultural country, Belize is a perfect blend of English, Spanish and local dialect. With its Maya sites, coastal plains, coral reefs and low mountains, thisCommonwealth's country offers expatriates one of the most beautiful natural environment in the Caribbean region.

Various economic sectors, such as textile, construction and services are looking for skilled professionals.

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Every country regulates what can and cannot cross its borders to prevent the spread of disease, adhere to local laws, and protect its citizens, industries, and farms. Some things are outright prohibited, while others require a license or for you to pay import duties.

If you have pets and are planning to move to Belize or make an extended visit, you will almost certainly want to bring along your pets. They can accompany you as long as you follow the rules, which are relatively simple compared to other countries. The Belize Agricultural Health Authority handles the applications and processes for importing pets, agricultural animals, meat, and plants.

If you are moving to Belize with your family, you likely have questions about child care and education. There are few child care centers in Belize. This is largely because the extended family network almost always cares for young children in the situations where both parents work. If you live in an area with no daycare, you can entrust your less than 3 years old children to a nanny or another mother or grandmother already caring for her own children during your working hours or if you have to go out for a few hours.

Sport has always been a part of Belizean life. Although the country does not have a lot in terms of professional sport competitions, mostly because of financial limitations, Belizeans are very active and regularly play and watch different types of sports. Belize simply does not have significant financial means and quality sports infrastructures. Many of the more popular sports in Belize derive from necessary every day activities, like cycling and fishing.

Belize is one of Central America's most attractive destinations. The country offers countless treasures to discover during your leisure time. Nature lovers can hike in the mountains or jungle, tube on the river, explore a cave, climb a temple, and snorkel or scuba dive on the second largest barrier reef in the world. You can also lounge around in the sand with a beer or rum drink if you prefer.

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2 years ago

Information about Belize including its history, culture, and people also why Expats are moving to Belize.

Lessons in Belize

2 years ago

Documenting our journey on traveling, living and retiring in Belize. Articles on restaurants, tour options and daily life and lessons in this beautiful little country.


3 years ago

A blog on life in Belize as experienced by a Canadian Expat. This blog is not to intentionally promote Belize but rather to provide unbiased information or as I say "the unbelizeable truth" on moving to, retiring in, or living in Belize


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