Shipping vehicle to Belize

I'm trying to find the cheapest (reliable) method of shipping a vehicle from the USA to Belize City. So many companies online. 

I will most likely be shipping out of Texas or possibly Florida. 

Does anyone have any experience with this? Advice? Recommendations?

All input is greatly appreciated. 
Try Victor Reimer out of Spanish Lookout. They drove my truck down from Texas.
@Mangos & Mangroves 

I have not shipped anything in. However if you use the search function (magnifying glass upper right of the screen) to search, there are older threads here that discuss various aspects of shipping vehicles and containers. 
Keep the search simple. Suggest starting with SHIPPING. 

Be aware the Belize government gets over half of its funds collecting import duties. Check out Belize government website for current duty information. It might shock you.  

@Mangos & Mangroves
there is No RoRo Service in Belize
so shipping your vehicle in a 20ft container is costly.
with these high fuel prices driving your vehicle down to Belize will cost you quite a bit.
consider buying a car in Quintana Roo
unfortunately Mexico does not allow you to claim the IVA which is nearly 20%
duty on an older 4x4 is not so high
specially if you bring it through the northern boarder.
@Mangos & Mangroves I used someone here drive cars from Taxes to Belize regularly.  Price is reasonable. Please let me know if you want contact information.

Try Victor Reimer out of Spanish Lookout. They drove my truck down from Texas.
- @TexItalian
Thank you so much. This may be the best option for me. 

Appreciate it!!

Hi!  Thanks so much. I would really appreciate that contact information. 

Thanks for your help. 

Thank you. I appreciate the info. 

Thank you for the information. I will certainly look into this option. 
@Mangos & Mangroves 

Sorry Just seen this. I will PM you the information.
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