Sports in Belize

Sports in Belize
Updated 2017-09-15 14:35

Sport has always been a part of Belizean life. Although the country does not have a lot in terms of professional sport competitions, mostly because of financial limitations, Belizeans are very active and regularly play and watch different types of sports. Belize simply does not have significant financial means and quality sports infrastructures. Many of the more popular sports in Belize derive from necessary every day activities, like cycling and fishing.

Belize is a veritable outdoor wonderland and a perfect place to get outside and active. With the abundance of forests, coral reefs, rivers and sand, you will have plenty of options. Watching sports is equally popular. Cable television is extremely affordable in Belize, as it is satellite pirated from the US and Mexico. Sports are almost always on the tv in even the tiniest bars in the tiniest villages, including big pay per view boxing matches.


Football is probably the most popular sport in Belize. The country even has a football federation and a national league. If you are a football player or fan, you can register in a football club or attend matches which are held regularly at regional levels. A few areas have football leagues for children, and there is even a summer camp, but for both adults and children, it's mostly pickup games in the streets or in large fields. Football is also the most popular to watch.


Basketball is a very close second most popular sport in Belize. It is regulated by the Belize Basketball Federation consisting of semi-professionals involved in the Belize Basketball Association League. Basketball competitions are usually held in schools and sports complexes at junior, senior, amateur, and retiree levels. Nearly every village has a basketball court, and they're used almost every day. Watching US basketball is also very popular in the bars.

Water sports

Belize has a lot of water, from the mountain streams and waterfalls on out to the blue hole. There are lots of ways to be active in the water. Fishing is an integral part of the culture in many places, and of course scuba diving is what put Belize on the tourist map. Canoe, kayak, and dory races are popular, particularly around Easter time. Sailing is popular on some of the islands. Most Belizeans enjoy swimming, and many can free dive for quite some time, a gift of years of diving for conch and lobster. SUP has become popular quickly in some of the tourist areas. The calm waters make it a perfect place to learn and practice. Similarly, windsurfing has gained popularity in recent years as well.

Softball and other sports

Softball is becoming more and more popular, mostly in rural areas. Local and national tournaments are regularly organized in the Central America and the Caribbean regions. Biking, cricket, hiking, spelunking, and volleyball are popular sports and activities to participate in, while boxing is wildly popular to watch on tv.

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