New in Vienna

Hi, moved from Bucharest to Vienna for work and looking forward to get to know more of the city,  make some new friends and maybe go out for a drink on week-ends or simply hang out. I speak German, English and French.

Hello danielag79.

Welcome to :)

Hope you'll get new contacts here.

Don't forget to keep us updated on your expat experiences.


Karen :)


My name is luke, it would be great to hang out with coffee :)

I am 27, english but grew up in vienna.
I am a molecular biologist, currently looking for a new lab position.

I like jokes, talking about lots of different subjects and talking a lot.

Loom forward to hearing from u



Hi Luke,

Thanks for the feed-back. I work in real estate investment management and been here only since a couple of months. Adjusted quickly, but looking forward to finding out more about living in Vienna and things to do here, so I will contact you on your e-mail to go out for a coffee :).


Great :)

Look forward to hearing from you :)



Hi Daniela! Hi Luke!
I am Agnese, I am Italian and I've been living in Vienna since September 2012.
I would really like to join you for a coffee :)
Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Agnese

Nice to u, haven't heard from daniela yet, but feel free touch through my email and we can still hang out with coffee :)


Lool forward to hearing from u



Hi Agnese, hi Luke, I would propose something on Friday evening or this coming week-end. Are you both in Vienna this week-end?

Hi daniela thia Friday sounds good :) weekend is also ok
When/where would u suggest?


Hey there :)

I would be really happy to join you, Im free each day from 14:00 to the morning :D
You can check more about me here :)

Looking forward to meet you! :)

Friday evening, after 7, would be perfect for me! :)

Same here  Friday evening good :)

Great, then Friday evening it is! 7.30 pm, somewhere in the Innenstadt or Museumsquartier? Luke, where would you suggest? I suppose you know better Viena...

Great :) ok here is a link nice bar in the innenstadt called bieradise, it is near the stephansdom

Just google map
Bieradies, Judenplatz, Wien

And.u will.find it :), since 7:30 I'm guessing drinks.not coffee :)

See yall there at 7:30


ok, see you all there!

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