When do one get application number from the QC visa office?


I am male from Nigeria, married with two kids. I am on the process of the Quebec immigration for skilled workers and currently using an agency that provides Canada immigration services.

I started this process sometime in July 2012, and I got a confirmation mail from the agency that my application has been sent in to the QC immigration office. The agency came back to me last May 2013 with request for more document from the QC immigration office (which has all been sent to them).

Now am confused, shouldn't I get the application number confirmation from the QC immigration office first before the request for document?

Please, can someone give more info as regards this case.

BR// Chi

Good day Sir,
Why did You used at first an agency to get your papers,? Are you sure they are legal to do such serveces? If I may , I suggest You to write directly to Canadian Immigration services in Ottawa
they will direct You all informations You need to apply for a Visitor Visa , & then to apply to get a temporary permit for residensy.It"s not sure that You will get the residensy after 7 years , they decide if yes or no , so nothing is sure, Canada is one of the hardest place to enter to stay , so make sure  You tell the truth about yourself & why You want to immigrate Canada
Good luck

Hi Alain Harvey,

Thanks for the response. But this agency(with their associate lawyer) was recommended to me by a friend that has used to get his residence visa under the Quebec skilled worker programme.

I am just wondering why I have not received my application number from the QC immigration office.

I think I will have to call them to get clear answer.

Many thanks.

BR// Chi


There might have been a section of the form you signed asking where they should send correspondence: to your address, or to your agent's.

I know I had everything go to our lawyer and he forwarded to me what he had to, or just sent scanned copies via e-mail if appropriate. It was a slightly different process from yours though.

You could look this up on your copy, and contact the agency if they should have received it.