Immigration for Quebec


I am professional Physiotherapist with B.Sc, degree, 5 years of experience as full time physiotherapist in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.
I am single, Hindu, 26 years old Female.

I have applied last year at Canada under “skilled worker “ category and I am accepted by Canadian federal Govt, on their request I have applied at Canadian Embassy at new Delhi with  acceptance file number given by Canadian Govt.  I was suppose to hear from New Delhi Embassy within 6 months .

Today I have received letter from New Delhi , Canadian Embassy stating that my application will take minimum 3 years before it is processed !!

Also I am allowed to withdraw my application with full refund and I am thinking of that.

I would like to know the situation for "physiotherapist " in Quebec, on line the processing time for Quebec skilled worker  is only 3 months !!

Any guidance or help or advice  will be appreciated .



Kamini Shah

I have migrated from Sydney - Australia to Canada at the beginning of this year.  We applied in 2010, and yes, just like you, we were told that the application will take three years.  Shocked at first, but we decided to give it a go.  Due to some bureaucratic technicality with the application form, application was going backwards forwards for four moths, until one day, we received the invitation to attend the medical.  Two weeks after that, we were asked to submit our passports, two days after we were told that we have three moths to leave Australia!  SO, don't give up hope!
Regarding Quebec, criteria to get here is almost impossible!  Unless you speak French, you don't have any chances!  Further more, you can have PHd in rocket science, or may hold the key to the next life, in here, you are no one and nothing.  I have 15 years up my sleeve in design and construction with both technical and university degree, ad I am working in totally unrelated field for a pathetic pay.  Canadians have this mentality that, if you are not one of them, educated by their system and in their schools, you are Neanderthal, despite the fact that other countries have higher level of education or work procedures!
Sorry if I have spilled the negativity in your hopes, but this is the fact.  I just wish that I had this info before cumming here, I would have organized my life a bit better.

Well bad luck!

I am an engineer  from Romania!

Here you have more data about the TABLE of points!

http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.c … nthese.pdfTable of POINTS for DCS CSQ Quebec