We are planning to Migrate to Quebec as Immigrants. We are couple & have no child.Some agents tell that we need mini 57 points to apply rro Quebec. And some agents say that we need mini 63 points to apply. Now, I am confused what to do?

Some agents are calculated our points are 57,without add french.That agency promised to  me,we are qualified to apply to Quebec.They also advise the primary applicant must take A1 & A2 certifications before the embassy interview,that certification points are added to our total points that become 63(57+ 6(A1,A2)).
I have so many doubts about this...........

1)if its possible to apply without french ?
2)if its possible to add french points after documents submission?
3)how much IELTS score(read,speak) are required?

Please, Anybody who already applied or have good knowledge for Quebec Immigration and point system can help me?


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