Confused with the whole immigration process

Let me get this right.

To immigrate to Quebec is a different system from the rest of Canada, is that correct?

Any help would be great!

Hi Natebelg,

That's correct - two different systems, each with their own administrative channel: Quebec processes its own immigration files, whereas all the other applications go through the federal government (i.e. the Canadian embassy).

If you want to apply with the province of Quebec - and if you are currently living in Belgium - you would have to send your file to the Immigration Quebec office in Brussels.

I hope this helps!

Dear EArcher,

Thanks for your message, it cleared up a few things for me.

It seems from my perspective that immigration to Quebec is easier than with the federal program.

Just one question though, that you possibly could help with.  Let's say hypothetically that I immigrated to Quebec, could I then leave Quebec and live in another part of Canada?

Thanks again,

All the best.

The help is here:

http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.c … EVALUATION>

and POINTS: http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.c … nthese.pdf

good luck! Hurry thow...thsi year is a new FEE and less places..

Hello... I need information about the federal part. Here in Brazil everything is going very slowly...

Olá Flávia,

You should start the process by going to the Citizenship and Immigrations Canada website and filling out the online information: … ne.asp?s=1

Just be aware that since the US sub-prime crisis jobs aren't as easy to find in Canada as they once were. Things are much better in Alberta and there are more jobs in all sectors than prospective employees to fill them in Edmonton and Calgary.

Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are the three most sought after locations for newcomers to Canada and work there is very difficult to find as a result.

You will need to consider getting any diplomas that you have been granted here in Brazil recognized in Canada too.

Good luck, any further information you need please don't hesitate to PM me.  Cheers,
  William James Woodward – Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team