Great link for newbies

This link is great for every newbie in the country who search for information from every kind.
And of course for others too.

Have fun!


Great link

Great links


Hi all,

Here are some other links which may be useful:

British Embassy in Jordan:

US Embassy in Jordan:

Ministry of Labour:

Visit Jordan (discovering the country and leisure activities):

Feel free to share any other link you may find useful for expats in Jordan!
Thank you in advance,


is great but it focuses on Jordan

Because this is the Jordanian forum.  :whistle:

I found one of the best helpful site for everyone.

From stamps to renew visa you can find it here:!ut … VAXDtaUU!/

Awesome Link!

thank you very much :)


Youinjordan link is not working

I just checked and still works.


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