Foreign labour blood testing

Updated 2015-10-12 07:25

When you come to Jordan to work in homes, offices, beauty centers or other locations, you need to do a blood test before you can start working. There is a difference in a so called basic testing panel and in an additional one. Although they always recommend to do the additional as well.

What they test on?

* Hepatitus B: is a serious liver disease which can cause longlife infection, cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure and dead. Its transmitted by direct contact with blood or body fluids of an infected person, including saliva, sweat, urine and through sexual contact.

* Hepatitus C: is a serious, slow prosessing, contagious disease of the liver. It can be transmitted trough direct contact with blood or blood products and cause the same problems as type B. The difference with the type B is that there are no vaccins available.

* HIV (antigen/antibody): the inital testing can be done by detecting antibodies against HIV which causes Aids. This test can show the presence of the antigen as well as the body was exposed to the virus and can detect the virus after two weeks of exposure.

* Urine analysis: a frequently performed test that gives a general indication of the individual's oveall state of health and is especially useful for identifying renal and urinary tract infections.

* Stool analysis: particular important for food handlers, the inspection of faeces may yield important diagnostic information in cases of dysentery, parasitic infections, gastrointestinal bleeding and other gastrointestinal disorders,

* Complete Bood count: this test is used to evaluate form and structure of red cells, white cells and platelets as indicators of anemia. leukemia and reaction to inflammations of infection.

Optional tests are:

* Pregnancy

* Syphilis

* TB

* Chest X-ray

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