Types of transportion in Jordan -1 (Taxi)

Updated 2010-03-23 10:53

Hello every body,

Many people and expat in forum ask about transportation in Jordan..

In this article I will talk about public transportation with maximum details I can'¦


It's famous way here '¦

There is tow main types of it , normal and Mumayaz

1-Normal Taxi (Yallow )

  • is that u can stop it on street, and ask hem to take u where u want..

  • Color is Yellow , with color box on door from out side , there write info about Taxi before u going up.. and colore of it show the region they work on ( Amman=Green , Zarqa= blue , Irbid= Red '¦) in Aqaba full taxi is green .

  • This taxi work in meters, when u get up the meter start counting from 25 Qirsh (Quarter Dinar ) at day and night in all Jordan, expet Amman at night comes to be 30 Qirsh (1 Jordanian Dinar =100 Qirsh)

  • then for every 1 KM = 19 Qirsh ( in Amman at night will be per 1km = 26 Qirsh)

  • night time from 10 pm ' 5 am

  • Taxi take u as one order ( he can't take new people with u ) .

  • On Dashboard you can find info cards about taxi, driver in both language Arabic and English , and phone number of police, emergency, tourist center'¦

2- Taxi al-Mumayaz (Featured)

  • (Mumayaz) Taxi service throughout Amman.

  • They served you only Toyota ,and Mercedes cars. With sever colure.

  • You can call ( 06 ' 5799999 ) to request a taxi to come pick you up at your doorsteps.

  • Toyota Taxi meter at day starts at .0.580 JD while , Meter fare is .21Qirsh per 100 meters .

  • At night starts at .0.700JD while , Meter fare is .29Qirsh per 100 meters .

So, What is so 'Mumayaz' about this Taxi service?

  • Accessibility: You can call the hotline number 24/7, and have Mumayaz taxi at your doorsteps.

  • Coverage: Their services stretches outside Amman city to all over Jordan.

  • Pricing: Charge is as shown per meter. Which makes its most affordable way to use after midnight and airport trips. Beside fare is not too expensive compared to yellow taxi.

  • Safety: All Mumayaz taxis are marked, drivers are clean cut with uniforms. Taxi in good mechanical condition.

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