Leisure in Jordan

Updated 2011-01-24 09:13

First of all welcome to Jordan, hope it wasn't as confusing as you thought it would be!

The reason I'm writing this article is well I get asked this question by so many friends from the UK, EU, who are trying to basically find out what Jordan is like and what people usually do. So I am honestly hoping this might be of help for those of you out there no knowing what to do after work, or during weekends.

Nights out in Amman
1. There are a few pubs down at the first circle to name a few: Amigos (nice, cozy, playing rock music, pool table,happy hours between 6-8pm or 5-7pm i need to get this info corrected when I make sure!)

As you walk, or drive down to the first circle you'll find a lot of coffee shops, quick grub such as chips, sandwiches, pizzas, pubs such as la cale and of course the famous books @cafe, which I love it has a downstairs book shop and of course a nice place inside.

2. Still on first circle going on to the 2nd, there is a place called Cube which is next to Shepard's Hotel that hosts 80s night every wednesday, quite nice if you like those tunes!

Another Club that does 80s night is switch/51 in swefiyeh every Monday night 10 JDs entrance not including anything.

3. If you like nice "English" like pubs there are a few Murphey's is aparantly the hit bar in town check it out it is Um Uthiana same building as the hotel Red Rose, quite nice atmosphere. not the wide variety of English beers as you'd hope for but it's not bad, you'll get to drink your lager anyway.

Two of those other bars are Rovers Return, Dubliners, both in sweifiyeh, and of course the Irish Pub in Dove Hotel (4th circle) Guys am not sure how "Irish" the pub is but I doubt if it is the same as those lovely and awesome pubs in Ireland! sorry to disappoint you!

Running out of good bars to go to! but it depends on what you like if you want casual, nice view, relaxed first circle is your choice, some of those bars overlook the old city which is amazing by night.

Moving on from bars, there are a lot of coffee shops around and they are hard to miss, so won't really name them unless some of you requested them. :)

Well there are a few clubs here, they're not bad, the only annoying thing is that smoking is allowed inside and at the end of the night you'll stink, won't be able to breathe and your eyes will be all watery! but hey if your looking for a good night that won't stop you!

So as I said Cube on Wednesday, Switch/51 themes nights on Monday, The rest are in Hotels which am assuming are quites nice, so you can just walk in and ask about their clubs, or check it some out on lonely planet good guides :)

Forgot to mention if you want to listen to some really nice Arabic music, go to Madaba at Haret Jdoudna Restaurant every Friday night at around 8 or 9 there is a singer singing nice Arabic songs, the food is great and so is the atmosphere!

Now moving on from nights out to one day adventures or more

I have realised that Jordanian topography is amazing, the problem is not to get lost if your on your own, not a lot of maps for such areas.

1) Cycling: there are a few cycling groups such as cycling jordan (cycling-jordan.com) they go cycling every Friday, price very reasonable, and they hire out bikes and helmets as well if you want to go on your own. Another group is called bike rush, they also rent out bikes and helmets (delivered to you) and go out on trips every now and then.

2) Hiking, climbing, scrambling: this is becoming a hit around town because they take you to amazing places around Jordan. They take you absailing down waterfalls, caving, scrambling up hills there are several groups as well but the one that I usually go for are tropical desert trips, they are amazing very reasonably priced, friendly and very good at what they do. They also having climbing lessons if your into climbing. As to climbing (my favourite sport of all time) there is a climbing club recently opened in Amman its called Climbat Amman (road to dead sea) /

The best place to do all of these is in wadi rum, there are groups you can join where they take you camping, hiking, and on 4x4s which is quite nice go on to the wadi rum website and you can find everything you want.

Of course I haven't forgot about you environmental friendly people, the RSCN has nice eco lodges around Jordan and the most people are raving about is the one in Ajloun go to their website and check it out, you can go on hikes and walks and its quite nice.

Not sure what else is left to talk about to be honest. I might have forgotten something but cannot really remember what!.

But all is all i really hope this helps and if anyone of you need help, talk or just go out don't hesitate to contact me. The best thing is meeting new people and getting to know them!

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