Blood testing for those who want to marry a Jordanian

Updated 2015-10-12 07:26

Weather you come to Jordan for work or to marry a Jordanian, one of the formalities must be done is to get a blood test. In this article I explain on what kind of diseases they will test. I've got my information from Medlabs.

Pre-martial test

This test is needed to identify the presence of the hereditary disease gene for " Thalassemia" trate (carrier state). This genetic disease is relatively prevalent in the Middle East and the Mediterrianean.

The second reason is to identify the presence of the contagious Hepatitus B virus in both parties to prevent its future transmission to one's wife/husband or children.

The third reason is to identify blood groups for Rh factor compability.

The fourth and last reason is to identify the presence of Rubella immunity in the female. Rubella or German Measles is generally a mild viral infection in children and adults, but can produce severe infection in a fetus, resulting in spontaneous abortion, still birth or congenital rubella syndrome.

Optional tests can be:


* Syphillis

* Clamydia

* Seminal fluid analysis (males only)

* Fertility hormones

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