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Blood testing for those who want to marry a Jordanian

Weather you come to Jordan for work or to marry a Jordanian, one of the formalities must be done is to get a blood test. In this ...

Foreign labour blood testing

When you come to Jordan to work in homes, offices, beauty centers or other locations, you need to do a blood test before you can ...

Leisure in Jordan

First of all welcome to Jordan, hope it wasn't as confusing as you thought it would be!

Where to Go in Jordan in 1 day.

Types of transportion in Jordan -1 (Taxi)

Hello every body,

About Jordan

Jordan is a melting pot of ethnicities, and this is reflected in its rich culture. Archaeological sites, ancient ruins, castles, and cities tell tales of those who have been here before. Jordan is also home to the famed archaeological site of Petra, the Nabatean capital dating back to 300 B.C. The bustling capital city of Amman is full of museums, theatres, and shops. Glamorous nightclubs and fancy restaurants keep the city alive throughout the night, and into the early morning.

Although Jordan has a contemporary personality (when compared to other neighbouring countries), it is predominantly Islamic. Thus expats are advised to familiarise themselves with the social and cultural expectations to avoid offending. For example, women are expected to wear loose clothes, which aren't revealing.

Expats in Jordan can find jobs in the teaching, tourism, or banking sector. The official language in Jordan is Arabic. Thus, expats will most likely be expected to have some knowledge of the language, especially if they work with local clients.

Quick Information

Capital : Amman
Official Languages : Arabic , English
Currency : Dinar
Area : 92300 Km2
Population : 6407085
Calling Code : +962
Timezone : Asia/Amman

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