desesperate for a car in Amman

Hi, everyone, I'm just arrived 2 weeks ago in Amman from Europe , and I'm getting so fed up with public transportation and taxi. I'm desesperate to get a car. Unfortunately cars are so expensive in Jordan if you want something decent!!
I'm looking for tips to get a tax free car, what are the conditions , the procedure? Any one managed to get one without working for the UN or other organisations?
I've heard if you get a student certificate you can get one??
Also I've been looking at car rental , if we are may be many to apply for a monthly car rental we could get a good rate like 400JD a month, anyone interested???
Any solutions or advices would be much appreciated like buying a car between few of us, rent a car between few of us, or even if you know someone ( private ) who accepts to rent me his car on a monthly basis, pleeeeeeeeeease!!!!

a tax free car.. well :)) the best way to do it as you have mentioned is to a get a student permit. unless ofcourse you work for a multinational comapy where you still need to deposit the Tax ammount in the bank for the period of owning the car.

some also think that green hybrid cards are tax free ..well its cheeper with lower tarrif...but you still pay for the tax..

welcome to jordan :)

ummm first of all welcome to Jordan, second if u know Arabic u can find good deals on cars and so many other things over this website:
I bought mine from there , I would rent u mine but i daily use it to work, umm good luck though!

p.s u are mos than welcome to ask me anything else in private ;)

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