Looking to meet new friends

Hi everybody. I go to Jordan often and stay for long periods of time to visit my family. I'm Married with a son and I am in Jordan wanting to meet other American Arabs who want to hang out and explore Jordan together. I've found that having a language barrier is what makes me have a small social group in Jordan and would like to hang out with people who speak English.

Welcome on board and welcome in Jordan  :cheers:

Don't limit yourself only to Arab American people to hang out with. There are more nationalities who speaks English and it broadens your experiences if you have friends from different cultures and backgrounds.

I'm more than happy to make friends with whoever wants to meet up and explore Jordan together. I mostly want to speak with people who know English 😊

Hi there Zainab, I'm Lora also an American living in Jordan 👋🏻

Honestly, I looking for too. ☺️

I am looking for meeting friends, I live in Amman.

I am looking for that too.

Hi there

Not easy to communicate here

So you are from Jordan

Same here. Hopefully there are a number of events now that restrictions have been raised.

Same here. What are your hobbies?

This isHasan. I am happy to have you as a friend.

This is Hasan from Jordan. My pleasure to have you as a friend.

im looking for my daughters father


True. I' a Jordanian who lived and studied abroad. I had a British education, therefore my English is fluent. I can thus make friends with Arabs as well as British, Americans and so on.
Good day everyone. Even I am in search of friends in Amman.

I'd be glad to meet loyal friends.

@zeinabseif Hey, I am new here in Jordan and looking for people to hang out with! Did you find new friends yet?

I'm also kin search of new friends
May i be your friend  please.
Am Nasaala Doreen aged 27years old in need of as many friends as possible from Jordan

@halamh1969lets be friends please

@Alaa-Shalabiyeh interested in being your friend

I am looking for meeting friends, I live in Amman.

- @halamh1969

I too am in search of friends in Amman. Nationality is not an issue, and neither is religion, as far as I am concerned.

Hello guys please help me to find my old friend Mahmmud in Jordan. He studied in Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine for engineering. He spoke Russian language very well. I feel hopeless that I'll be not able to find him. My email is [link moderated]

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I‘m Regina from switzerland. In 1977 i met a good friend from Amman. He‘s name was Hussam Al***. Unfortunateli i lost hes adress. The only thing i have an old phone number 2***. but this numer are nomore avaiabel. He was married and have had also family in Syria. He was a swatch technical and he told me to work in a shop in Amman.

someone can help me? How can i found this person? That i met 44 years a go in switzerland. He was here for a workshop at the Swatch company Omega in Biel-Bienne on 1977.

hope some one can help me.thanks in advance

best wishes


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Hi and most welcome to Jordan.

I'm not American. I am pure Jordanian, however, I lived abroad whereas I had a British education.

I then returned to my homeland and even I would like to meet people, make friends regardless of nationalities.

@Robin2021 hi my name is sodiq lawal I'm a fashion designer from Lagos Nigeria I'm so happy to meet you

@LoraQ Hello, let's get acquainted

Hi everyone! I am 25-years-old Spaniard moving to Amman in 2 weeks. I would like to make new friends. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to hang out!  Cheers!