Posh/ affluent areas in Edinburgh

Hi everyone,

I'm thinkin of moving to Edinburgh and would like to know which areas around the city centre are relatively nice and up market? Are there any specific areas I should avoid?

and also, any areas outside the city centre which are nice and free of chavs?

Many thanks!

The posh and affluent areas are Murrayfield, Ravelston, parts of Barnton, parts of Morningside, parts of Sciennes, parts of Fairmilehead, The Hermitage, parts of Grange, parts of Stockbridge, Ramsay Gardens, parts of the New Town. There are also other areas but these are the ones that come to mind at present.

One reason for using the phrase 'parts of' before some areas is because either the place may be noisy and/or full of students, which may or may not be ok depending on what you are looking for.

There are other areas which are affluent, more often than not, it would parts of it as sometimes the same long street may have a good end and a not so good end. At Inverleith and Trinity, for example, you get huge houses as well as smaller flats, with some areas of Trinity verging on the poorer parts of Leith.

I can write knowledgeably about Murrayfield PROPER as we have a flat there available for rent and also used to live there. Be careful as ads by estate and rental agents or individuals will say that the house or flat they are representing is in Murrayfield. However, on checking the address, it might be in Balgreen, Corstorphne, Haymarket, Roseburn etc.

Hope this helps, and if you want to know more about our place for let, please let me know and I can send further info.

How is job market in Edinburgh /Scotland?

Many thanks for the comments....I am not planning to move immediately, but definitely within 2 years time...will keep in mind that you got a flat...cheers mate!