Moving To Austria

Hi there.

I'm new to this forum as well as in the matter of moving to Austria. I'll be brief. It is just some things i'd like to ask and i would really appreciate some help (or at least some detailed guiding links please).

1.I'm planning of moving to Austria this year. I'm Greek, (EU citizen) so moving to Austria might seem at the end a little easier than i thought, but still i'd like to know where to apply/or in which order should i act for things such as: Finding a house, moving, paperwork, etc.

Thank you in advance.


First of all: where in Austria?
I can try to give you tips if you are intrested in Vienna.

Do you want an appartment for yourself, or would it be ok to live together with other people (shared appartments are common and also cheaper. Of course it is better to have somewhere to live when you come here, but it is hard to look without being here.

I don't know if there is much paperwork if you have an eu citizenship. Same goes for work.

Good luck!

You are gonna need todo your paperwork...but part of your paperwork is telling them where you will live, so maybe finding a place is good, however, you still have to prove that you have a some sort of income to support yourself..I think 6-12 months because I think once you get permission to stay, you are on the Austrian social system and not Greece's..I can't be for have to ask them.

You also need to supply proof of health insurance..that's all I can remember.

Hope this helps.

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