Does Malta have volunteer firefighters or volunteer paramedics.

Hello, I was wondering if Malta has a volunteer firefighters or volunteer paramedics like in other countries or are they all paid workers.

yep - the Red Cross  on the big island and ERRC on Gozo … 83?sk=wall … 4080868661

Thanks, it seems that Malta has a volunteer paramedic but does it have volunteer firefighter or are they all full-time jobs?

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try the 'Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit', a non-profit making voluntary organization. It is probably what you are looking for.

They have a website:


Where are firefighters located? Somebody knows that? I'd like to see them :)

is A firefighter a good job in Malta, do they get good holidays and pay? :)

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Fire fighter jobs in Malta fall under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

I suspect that salaries are OK, possibly boosted up by shift allowance. Holidays are at least the minimum as set by Maltese employment law.

I noticed from your profile you are English. First preference for employment would be given to Maltese/EU nationals, and the ability to have strong Maltese language skills would be ideal, if not essential for this type of role. 

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