Cell Phone Service SHOCK

I am from the US and I thought it was an understatement about how expensive cell phone service is in South Africa. Man I was in SHOCK! South Africa is using airtime like we did in the early 90's. So I ran into some trouble getting a cell phone. Cell phone companies require you to have 3 months bank statements from a south african bank to get a cell phone contact. I think MTN is going to take our bank statements from the states. So up until I can get a contract Im on prepaid airtime.  OMG I have quickly learned that I can not talk on my cell phone like I use to in the states.

Learn to use Skype.Much cheaper.

Yes you really cannot. I get really frustrated with the way cellphone service operates here, definitely makes me miss what it's like in the states. The hardest thing to get used to is the slow internet and the cost! Unlimited plans cost an arm and a leg here. Yes, skype will be your best friend or whatever services that you can use over data and not your airtime.

kraimne ..even in Italy its so expensive and never know what could happened next when u get a subscription with the subscriber comany , better have a prepaid so u can have everything under your control and the best intelligent way to connect to usa or all over the world is SKYPE... today better have in your hand everything...all these problem are positive because makes us be the owner of ourself and the guardians ourself! signs are comings frequently,lets opena our eyes and see in a positive way problems.
have a great ending day !