Keeping up with the news in South Africa

Hello everyone,

Living in South Africa provides countless occasions to browse local newspapers, listen to local radio stations or watch local TV shows. As everywhere else in the world, local media play a key role in informing the public.

What are the major media in South Africa? Which one do you use on a regular basis?

How do you keep up with international issues (newspapers, radio, TV, Internet)?

Thank you in advance!


there is nespapers ,state  tv like sabc1,2, etc .there is also plenty community radio stations.i prefer SA FM and for international i listen to radio news from VOA .


Good morning priscilla

the major forms of media in rsa are newspapaers like sowetan,daily sun,sunday times,news24 and the broadcasting systems like sabc1 and 2,sportsnews  and radio stations,south africa is blessed on community radio stations with at least one for a particular linguistic region and specialising in local affairs in the local language.its unfortunate most locals put more on the mother language and are not international.

on the international one can listen to any broadcasting on satelite dishes,eg france 24,aljezira etc on the dercorder.

personal i like sa fm and voa for news,and on tv i prefer magic africa from nigeria.i have learnt that nigeria has fully utilised the movie/drama to fight unemployment in their home country and have done extremely well.

i also like the internet,watsapp,as these are tools for innovation and communication has greatly improved in the can talk to anyone as long they have email address or phone number.

but the evolution of internet has brought challenges,eg fraud through scams etc

i thank you

peter gumbo

Hello there,
The major forms of media in mzansi are,newspaper's e.g sowetan since I am living in Soweto that gives me a big privilege to nominate  it as a major form of media then dairy sun follows news 24 which is next to sabc.Having dstv has given me a dividend of watching and listening from couple of TV chanels like National geographic, all sabc channels TVs,aljahzeela and many more.
As an internet whiz I am engaged to all social networks like Instagram, watsup,Facebook and linked.
Personally I have find the internet to be having both prones and cones however it depends on how I use it and what I want so that it doesn't give me any source of regrets after surfing.